Monday, August 30, 2010

Woop Woop! Featured on Cool Mom Picks!

What a momentous day!  I'm soooo excited to have been featured!  Of course the review was jinxed from the beginning... something happened with the velcro and then the second sample that I sent got eaten up at the post office.  Yippee.  I was just ecstatic that she still gave a great review.  LOL!!  It was almost as though the cards were stacked against me, but alas - the reviewer LOVVVEEEDD them!  *shew*

I just can't get time enough to do my blog.  Which really makes me sad.  Really sad.  I love my blog.  I can't let it go to the wayside!!  AGH!  My neglected neglected lovies.  

Anyway, here we are!!  And I got quite a few orders, so I'm SOOOO pleased!!  LOVE ME SOME

Go over and check out the site!  TRUTHFULLY I am blessed to be featured here!

THANK YOU!  Check it out!!  EEEEE!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


So we're going to the beach in 2 weeks.  Yes.  TWO WEEKS.  And I'm still not in the shape that I'd like to be in.  Now, I am pretty thin.  I'm just not totally in shape.  I have fat that I carry around my tummy and in my thighs and TOTALLY in my butt.  I hate it.  But I never work out.  I know.  How can you expect to lose fat or gain muscle mass when you don't work out?  I wish I had an answer. 

So my "quick fix" answer is that I'm going to do the master cleanse and document it.  I was thinking about doing it daily....  On the blog.  But I think that it would be easier to do the 14 days of it and document it and post it all at once.  It would be more cohesive and easier to read.  I'm actually REALY excited about it.  I'm weird... I know!  It's cool though.  Part of my charm...  Woop woop! 

I started this last night.  I drank a cup of smooth move (Senna Leaf) which is a laxative tea.  I woke up this morning with a rumble in my tummy.  Umm... it wasn't pleasant, but not terrible either.  The irony of this is that I was baking my fave - banana bread and I made some KILLER potato salad and I couldn't even eat it.  Oh well.  Life is tough!  Suck it up cupcake!  I will not cheat on this.  I will not cheat on this.  I will not cheat on this.  Did I say I won't cheat on this??

I do love me some Chick-Fil-A.  But alas - I must resist!

TTYL!  I have some GREAT posts coming up in the next 2 weeks! I can't WAIT!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been hectic!

And I am in love with hectic.  I don't know what it is about it, but I thrive on things being chaotic.  Busy.  Maybe I like to complain about not having enough time and then secretly smile at the success.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm weird.  Well, that's something to think about.... because I already know that I don't like to march to the beat of everyone else's drummer.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I do follow society pretty well but I'm always that little fish that is swimming outside the school.  LOL

So here's what's going on. Back to school is coming up.  Fast.  I know it's only the beginning of July, but here's when things get rolling.  Now that I have the lunch bags as well... wow.  It's really picking up all over and I'm STOKED!  So I'm going to be preparing my blog posts in advance.  Today probably.  To be posting for the next 2 weeks.  I just have to do this!  That way I'm not waiting like 2300 months in between posts.

I just wanted you to know that I am not ignoring anyone.  Holy cow no!  I'm just CREATING!  YAY! 

Loves.  It.

Have fun my lovies!  Off to sew!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dreaming of Financial Freedom...

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of financial freedom.  I have dreamed that I could not work and have residual income.  Residual income.  The American dream.  It's a far cry from the American dream of the past.  Where one worked a job from 9-5 and made a decent wage to support one's family.  With the invention of computers and technology wow.  How far we've come.

Here's where reality sets in.  I do love my day job.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do.  I love it and can't express that enough. I love the company I work for.  The people are amazing.  Fun.  Funny.  Open. 

But that doesn't mean that I still don't have a dream in my mind.  A person can dream right?  Oh yeah.  We sure can.  But that does not mean that one just quits their job to follow a dream.  We have families to support.  We have others that count on us at reputable companies.

So what is this post about?  It's about reality.  The reality is that we can dream.  We can have those dreams and we can follow them to an extent.  But economic realities and other realities need to set us all back to Earth.  Is it possible to make a residual income enough to support our families?  Sure.  It's possible.  But let's face it - a small portion of the population actually succeeds.  And is it really residual income?  Hmmmm... more than likely not.  It may be residual at first, but then... at some point.... one must work hard, harder in most cases, to ensure that the income keeps coming!  Self employment is a dream for many - most probably - but it's possible to have an EXTRA income that comes in addition to the day job. 

That's a practical dream.  Additional income.  Nice. 

I'm by nature an entrepreneur.  I've ALWAYS had an extra income going.  For as long as I can remember I've always sold on eBay or started a line of crafts or something. 

So what I am saying is that there is always a possibility to support your family with an extra income.  But unless you have a huge savings (8-12 months worth of expenses) it's not practical to just give up your steady eddie income.  Reality is there and I'm the most optimistic person that you will meet.  But also very realistic.  The day job pays my bills.  Ensures that there is food on the table.  Ensures that we have reliable vehicles.  The additional income ensures that we have clothing.  And the extras that we may want in life (you know, like bikes, Christmas Presents, etc).  Use that money wisely and ye shall go far!

Love what you do during the day.  Dream at night.  Work hard to achieve your dreams.  Work harder to make your love a reality and stay grounded.  Hard work and dedication is what will take you far.

I give KUDOS to those that have made a living being able to stay at home and support their families!  You are amazing men and women and I give EXTRA props to those women who have done it.  I know what it's like to work 2-3 jobs at once to give myself and my family a better life.  I do it daily on top of being a wife and mother.  Whew.  That's a hard job, but the strength and perserverence of the women in this world make it all possible....

Love you all.  Make sure you stay focused.  Grounded.  And real. 

Peace out for now lovies!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

SediluGreen News!

It's been a tough few months!  Working the day job, dreaming of quitting daily (but alas - those darn bills won't stop coming!) so we've been slowing down a little bit - well - trying to at least!  But the orders keep coming so thank you to my lovely clients.  We truly do appreciate each and every one of you!

The next step for us is to get a DECENTLY designed webstore.  I'm about SICK of my host and they're charging WAY too much for something that doesn't work.  EVER.  So I'll never do a webstore with Intuit again.  Ever.

At first I thought it was user error, but it's not.  It's them.  They stink.  The cart never works.  So I'm switching. I'm crashing my site and shutting it down for a couple of months.  It's ridiculous to pay $25/month for something that never ever works.  Right?  Yeah.  That's what I thought too. 

So for now I'm just going to operate on etsy.  Good old trusty etsy.

By August you'll see an all new store with actual items able to be listed in it!  OMG!  AND you'll be able to ACTUALLY PURCHASE the things!  Holy cow.  It's going to be amazing.

So keep a look out!  New things coming.  But they take time.  Patience is virtue young Jedi. 

Earth Love my lovies!

It's nearly summer here in Louisiana - Tips on AC Consumption!

Oh my GOSH it's hot.  I live in Louisiana and wow.  It's amazingly hot here already - and it's only MAY!  We've been in the pool for the past couple of months because it's been hitting the high 80's since April (I swear even the end of February it was sweltering). 

How is it in other parts of the country?  

So in light of the extreme heat here, I've decided to do a little piece on saving money on your AC.  And yes, it's a bit more in detail than just "use fans!"  Although our ceiling fans run 24/7 during the summer!

Here you go lovies!

Green Tips for a Cool Summer

A green guide for keeping your home cool this summer, from simple steps to bigger projects.
By Camille Peri

Keeping our houses cool with air conditioners costs Americans about $11 billion a year. And those air conditioners release about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air annually -- two tons for each home that has one.
With the demand for home air-conditioning systems in the U.S. at an all-time high, summer’s toll on the environment is probably going to get worse.

The good news is that by following some green tips at home this summer, you can cool off, save money, and make a sizable dent in your carbon footprint. “If we can reduce carbon emissions from homes just 5%, it’s like taking three-quarters of the cars off the road,” says Trey Muffett, building science director for Sustainable Spaces, a home performance retrofitter in San Francisco.

Your eco-cooling steps can be as big as installing insulation in your house or as little as changing some of your everyday habits. “I always encourage people to go for the low-tech solutions first because you can do those starting tomorrow,” says Aaron Pope, manager of sustainability programs for the California Academy of Sciences.

5 Tips to Reduce Body Heat

The lowest-tech ways to keep cool this summer start with your own body.
  1. Wear clothes in natural fabrics. “Fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and linen ‘breathe’ better than synthetic fibers and naturally wick moisture away from the body,” says Kimberly Rider, author of The Healthy Home Workbook.
  2. Eat cool. Dine on salads and sandwiches instead of large, protein-rich meals when the weather is hot, as these can warm your body up. Oven- or stove-top cooking heats up your house as well.
  3. Stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol and caffeine in the heat, as these can promote dehydration. Drink more water than usual or consider an electrolyte replacement drink if you’re sweating a lot.
  4. Cool off with water. Soak your feet in a tub of cold water, put on a wet bandana, or take a cool shower. Keep a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator and spritz yourself regularly throughout the day.
  5. Head down and out. When your home is at its hottest, remember that the basement is the coolest place in the house. Or plan outings to air-conditioned buildings -- such as the library or a movie theater – during peak hot hours.

5 Green Tips for Inside Your Home

Try some of these low-tech practices around the house.
  1.  Use windows and window coverings to your advantage. If you’re not home during the day, close all windows, curtains, and blinds to keep your house cool for as long as possible. If you’re home during the day and don’t want all the windows covered, cover them when needed. Remember that south-facing windows get a lot of sun. East-facing windows get sun in the morning and west-facing ones get the hotter and stronger sun in the afternoon and evening. Dark-colored curtains, roman shades, and even dime-store roller shades can be very effective. “Roller shades can block up to 80% of solar heat,” Muffett says. If the air cools down enough in the evening, open the windows to promote as much air circulation as possible.
  2. Don’t add to the heat inside. Use appliances such as irons, washers, and dryers at night or early morning -- or eliminate the dryer altogether and use a clothesline instead. (Not running your appliances between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. also helps avoid brownouts.“A big source of heat is your stove,” Pope says. “So if you can, cook outdoors or microwave meals.” Microwaves use two-thirds less energy than stoves. Another option is using a toaster oven for baking. Because toaster ovens are so much smaller, they don’t warm up a kitchen like a conventional oven. And, depending on the model, you’ll be cutting your energy use in half. Turn off computers and other appliances when not in use. Left running, these can also generate unnecessary heat. You can also unplug these appliances when not in use to ensure you reduce your electric bill as well, because the small amount of power these pull while plugged in can add up on your bill over time.
  3. Consider changing your bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs are heat generators, so many experts suggest switching them for energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs or halogen infrareds. Fluorescent “corkscrew” bulbs contain mercury, so consider the safety risks before putting them in children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or other places where they may be likely to break.
  4. Use fans. When it cools down outside, place inexpensive portable fans in front of open windows to bring the cool air inside. And consider installing a ceiling fan if you don’t already have one. Attic fans also circulate cool air from outside through the house. Use ceiling or room fans even if you have an air conditioner. You can then set your thermostat higher because the air movement from the fan will help the room feel cooler.
  5. Keep your refrigerator well stocked. Refrigerators that are full of food don’t warm up as quickly when the door is opened, so they require less energy to stay cool.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I got it! Personality that is!

I'm brimming over with personality.  Too much personality some may say.  I cuss sometimes.  OMG!  Yeah.  I get told about it ALL the time by my 6 year old - Lucian.  

"Mommy, we don't say that word!!"  

"What word baby? I didn't think that I said anything bad!!"

"Ass Mommy.  Ass.  We don't say Ass."

"Ok Lucian.  I get the point.  We don't say ass.  Stop saying it for crying out loud!!"

"OOOH!!  you said it again!"


So I have decided to start another blog that is connected to this one. But sort of gives you an idea of what SediluGreen is all about - sort of the chaos behind the scenes so to speak!  Stories of embarrassment I'm sure, family, love, luck, and plain old fashioned hard work.  Tips on business.  Tips on home biz and starting it without ruining your life. 

Probably more stories of embarrassment more than anything.  *sigh*  That happens a lot. 

Like yesterday while I was at work I realized that my zipper had been down on my dress pants for about 2 hours.  Yeah.  I sell new homes.  Yeah.  Imagine where this is going.... 

Or that the other night I was getting ready to go to bed and I had on some shorts (probably shorter than they should be but I was in my HOUSE for crying out loud!).  I'm bending over picking pillows up off the floor and I hear a tap on the door.  I ignore it thinking it's a bug.  I keep doing what I'm doing.  Buttcheeks ALL over the place I'm sure.  I hear it again and turn around.  

What do I see?  Half of my stepson's high school baseball team standing outside on the porch.  Watching me in my shorty shorts picking up pillows and shoes and the like off the floor. 

Did I mention that our front door is glass??  Oh boy.  Fricken UNBELIEVABLE.

*sigh*  I'm now a "hot mom".  Someone help me. 

So within the next few weeks I'm going to put aside some time (LMAO!  Time?  What on Earth is that?) and make another blog.  It will be a friendly place for moms to come and learn about well...  Life!  Us.  And what makes us tick.  Oh, and we have some KICK ASS lunch bags too. 

I'm just sayin... 

The price of perfection... Moral of the story is...

Have you ever tried to be perfect?  Tried to be like the lady across the street who is ALWAYS baking?  Playing outside with her grand daughter?  Taking her kids to the movies?  Planting things in her garden seemingly all day without ever getting sunburned under her floppy hat drinking hand squeezed lemonade?

I have tried people.  Oh I have tried!  It's a facade.  A cleverly planned facade that only the outside world sees.  Of course when you step into my house with my wood floors that are cleaned quarterly (not bi-weekly as suggested) and see my pile of "to file/throw away/burn" crap next to the breakfast table.  Walk into my laundry room with a neatly folded pile of laundry that has been there for 3 days... oh the list goes on people.  GOES ON!

But here's how my life typically goes.  

Go into Taylor's room at 6:34.  Tell him to get up.  Get grunted at.  OOOOOK. 
Go into Lucian's room at 6:35.  Have to tickle, sing, jump on the bed (mommy quake)... and so forth for 10 minutes only to get grunted at... repeatedly.
Slug into the kitchen to make everyone breakfast - or shall I say "breafastS"
Fight with Lucian to get to the table. Patiently.
Ensure that Taylor has his homework done (it's not).
Lose patience with Lucian and threaten him (at least twice). 
Yell at Lucian to get his clothes on.
Run him out to the bus. 

Collapse on the couch for 10 seconds, which is about how much time I have until the next task starts. 

Work on SediluGreen for 1.15 hours.  

Rush to get in the shower to rush to my day job.  

Get to day job late.  

 Realize that you work too much at day job (6 days a week +)

Get depressed. 

Have customer walk into the model home at 4:55 (I have to leave EXACTLY at 5 to get Lucian in time from after school care). 

Get to after school care late. 

Pay late fees.

Go home and do all household wifely things.  
Get to bed about 2 am.

Repeat.  Daily.  Except Saturday and Sunday - but just cut out the school part... 

Somehow that doesn't fit the perception of perfection now does it?  Hmmm... Uhhh... No.

So I picture the lady across the street.  I imagine she's taking some sort of valium or other wonder drug that she has been prescribed by her doctor who has determined she's out of her fricken mind and she needs to be medicated.  Heavily.  I wonder if she works?  Probably only so she can have the insurance to pay for her wonder drugs.  Then.  I want wonder drugs.  Of course I'd probably take too many of the wonder drugs and sleep right through breakfast.  The bus fight.  Work. 

Hmmm... sounds pretty good actually... 

Then I realize.  My life is pretty charmed.  So what if I'm not perfect?  So what if my pants have a wrinkle in them or a button is missing?  So what if my floors need cleaned?  So what if the cats tried to kill the hermit crabs (again)?  So what if Lucian's room isn't perfect?  

Life isn't perfect!  

So the moral of the story is... take it day by day and you'll realize that you don't have it as bad as you think.  And if you think perfection is having a perfect house with a perfect lawn... you're sadly mistaken.  

Oh and by the way - the lady across the street?  I talked to her.  She's HEAVILY medicated for severe anxiety/depression.  Can't work.  Husband - that's a whole other story.  Woah.  Perfection isn't what it seems now is it??!!

Anyone else tried to be perfect and didn't too well at it? Tell me about it!   Then tell me about why your life IS perfect!!  

Why is mine perfect?  I am healthy.  I have a good paying job.  I am smart.  My family loves me UNCONDITIONALLY!!  I am therapeutic to not only my family, but my friends.  Girls night out.  Bunco.  Family that loves me (that's a SUPER important one).  Talent.  Beautiful home... And the list goes on and on. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cutie Patooty New Bags from SediluGreen!

Really?  It's been 2 weeks since the last post?  C'mon Dinnetta.  Get with the program!  I know.  I've been absent.  Baseball season has started to kill me.  I mean, ever since I made it a point to go to my stepson's games.  I just couldn't NOT go to support him.  He's been doing SO good!

Anyway, here are some new designs!  Woop Woop!

Can you believe how funny these baggies are?  OMG!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these.  This fabric by Michael Miller has my entire family craving for me to make them clothes, pants, etc.  Calm down there sweeties... I'm a bit busy right now!

Enjoy!  Loving making these new designs!  I can't WAIT to get more fabric, but let's focus on what I have going now.  Let me know your faves! 

I need to cut out some designs... Which do you think I should keep?  Check out my etsy shop and let me know! 

Talk to you later gaters!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plastic in the Ocean - Help be a part of the solution!!

I literally cried when I saw this.  Really really moving and heartbreaking at the same time.  We don't see this in our normal every day "disposable" lives.  

But we need to be aware! Watch this video.  Take a good hard look at those images - they are REAL people!  REAL!

This type of things is what made me create EcoStuffers and begin the crusade against plastic.  It's just sad!  I want my baby to see a fresh and unpolluted beach!  I want his babies to see sea turtles and the Great Barrier Reef!

Join with me and reduce and eliminate the use of plastic!  Start one step at a time!  

*sniffle*  It's just so sad! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Let's be honest here - didn't I say that this contest would end YESTERDAY?  Let me check... yep... plain as day - March 26th.  But alas - what happened yesterday that we wouldn't post the winner?!  Yeah.  I forgot to post.  *sigh*  You see, I work at a day job 6 days a week (BOOOOO!!! wait.... DOUBLE BOOOO!) and the plain and simple truth of it is - I didn't even know what day it was until today.  *sigh* 

Forgive me puh-leeeaasssee?  I sure do ask for forgiveness a lot.  Sheesh.  

SO... without further ado... 

Lucian has randomly chosen the follower to win and that is... JENNIFER of COODA'S CORNER!  WOOP WOOP!  Pick your prize chickadee and CONGRATS!

Now for the comments... I had such a stinkin' hard time with this because EVERYONE'S comments were amazing.  So I did a random number generator.  I know.  I know. 

And the SECOND WINNER IS (drumroll please....) 

ME!  LOL!  That is totally true too.  I did a number generator and my post came up as the winner.  

I'd like to thank my mom... my dad and my amazing husband.  Thank you!  HAHA

So, since I can totally make my OWN bags, I guess I'll do a second number generation (dang it too... I never win ANYTHING!  Stinks that my win was wasted.... Such is life). 

The REAL winner is ANGELA!  Woop woop!  

CONGRATS TO BOTH THE WINNERS!  I'll be emailing you in just a minute to let you pick your prize!  

Thanks to all that entered!  Keep a lookout for more giveaways that I won't lose track of my days.  


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Tips - Eco Friendly Way!

It's TIP TIME!  EEEE!  I get so stinkin' excited when I get to share tips and treasures, and typically when I am posting, it's because I have a reason. 

So I'm opening all of my windows the other day to let in this gorgeous fresh air.  When I see it.  Cobwebs.  Spider webs.  And little things that I don't WANT to know what it is hanging to my screen.  I scream.  My husband comes running inside prepped with one shoe off of his crusty man foot ready to kill whatever it is that made his precious wife scream.  (I'm seriously scared of spiders for whatever reason - childhood trauma I'm sure).

After I stop laughing at him hobbling around mumbling "very funny dear", I tell him what caused my traumatic response.  Dude.  SERIOUSLY?  Friggen spider webs and like - wasps nests in my windows?  HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO ME!?  So I stopped everything that I was doing, put on my Aunt Jemima bandana, snapped on my rubber gloves, dusted off my bucket and scrubby thingies, and broke out the vacuum cleaner (then I put it away since we're in MEGA SPRING ENERGY CONSERVATION MODE - post to come later).  Armed and ready to attack the disgustingness that had built up over the winter. 

So here we are - with some ECO FRIENDLY CLEANING TIPS!  WOOP WOOP!

I am not one to lie and say that I like cleaning windows.  Because I don't like to do it.  But hey - we have to clean those things so we can see the beauty outside!  But I don't like using spray cleaners a whole lot.  I do use some, but not that often. 

For cleaning your windows, good old fashioned vinegar and water works wonders.  Use old newspapers instead of paper towels.  

Here's the low down on the mix:  2 parts water to 1 part vinegar.  So, if you put half gallon of water, put a 1/4 gallon of vinegar.  Now, you can make that as strong or as weak as you like.  Depending on your personal preference.  

Vinegar will give your windows a streak free shine.  I like to take some birdcloth after the newspaper and really "shine" 'em up.  Ooo lala!

For even MORE vinegar tips (this is one of my favorite cleaning solutions BTW!!)  go here: 

2. Clean Out That Fridge
Did you realize that the fuller your fridge is the more INEFFICIENT it is?  Yeah, I know!  I had NO clue.  But, alas.  It is true.  So this is a two fold tip. 

Clean out that fridge not only to save on the science experiments for the kiddos, but ensure that your fridge isn't constantly running and using up incredibly precious electrical power.  You could save a little bit of cash just by cleaning it out.  Oh, and you'll feel better when you open that fridge up too!  Trust me.

Here's how:

Take about 2 tablespoons of baking soda and swish it around in about a cup to a cup and a half of water.  Take your newspaper or natural sponge (or even an old upcycled tee towel, old washed T-shirt... just NOT paper towels for crying out loud!) and dip it in the solution.  Wipe down your shelves.  I'd rinse your cloth out a couple of times if your fridge is super dirty. Keep dipping that cloth into the solution.  You'll be surprised at how easily the gunk comes off.  And, if you have some stubborn gunk (I had some jelly caked in the bottom of mine.  How the heck did THAT get there?) just pour a little bit of the solution onto the stain and come back to it. 

Don't forget to clean the inside of that door too!  Like... EW!

3. Have a Yard Sale!
Ok.  So how is this a chemical free cleaning tip and how is it going to help?

Here's how.  It's chemical free SOUL CLEANSING.  Ever notice how stuff just starts piling up in your garage.  Bedroom.  Closet.  Living room?!!  Yeah.  I do.  So how does it get there?  My weakness is estate sales and free samples.  Yes.  I have a lot of faults, and free samples are definitely one of the biggest ones.  My built in cabinets in the hallway are FULL of samples. Why?  Beats me.

So what's the solution?  Clean out and clear out.  Sell all those unused samples, and all those books you bought for a dime at last year's flea market and just have some good old fashioned FUN with the money that you make.

The key here is NOT to buy more junk with it.  *wink*

4. Clean that bathroom!
Good natural lemon juice is AMAZING.  It's a naturally good smelling fruit that has an absolute incredible cleaning power.  So get some lemons (or you can just buy the lemon juice but it comes in a plastic container... that you'll have to throw away.  ICK!) and squeeze the juice out.  Strain the pulp out of course, then mix the lemon juice into some water. 

I'd say 2 lemons for every 2 cups of water.  I only say that because I'm a STRONG cleaner type of gal.  I need that strength when I'm cleaning my bathroom.  I live in a house full of boys.

I digress.

Now, just put that solution in a spray bottle (here's where the pulp straining is going to be helpful or it will clog your sprayer) and spray your tub.  Let it sit for a little bit and wipe off with your natural sponge or your upcycled cloth.  Nice.  Do the same for the potty - and do it a few times if you live with boys. 

Seriously.  Take my advice on this one! 

Ok.  That's all for now.  This post is getting WAY out of control.  I could go on for days. I'll do a part 2 in a day or so!  YIPPEE!

Peace out!  Have fun cleaning my dears!

Have any of your own eco tips?  PLEASE POST THEM BELOW!!

SediluGreen EcoStuffers - Giveaway ends tomorrow!!

Get your comments in by tomorrow!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the comments and it's going to be TOUGH to choose a winner!  I may just have to do a random selection of those as well, but either way - they're all amazing!  They really put into perspective on what Spring means, not just to me, but to everyone! 


Oh, and PS - YES.  I LOVE dandelions.  There.  I said it. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ok. I'm fixed! SHEW!

I almost had a heart attack!  But after some quick research, I figured out how to get my blog back and THANK GOODNESS I did.  Shew.  I would have lost all this fabulous context!  HAHA!

Ok.  I'm good now.  And off to eat something.  MMMM.  Something... 


Someone hacked my blog and when I deleted their widget thing that they installed it completely deleted my blog.  So I'm working on getting it back, but aghhh!! 

Please bear with me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Mania.... SediluGreen - Green lover!

I have a special place in my heart for the color green.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's the meaning -Health. Prosperity. New Beginnings. 

Maybe it's the color of spring that wakes me up. 

Maybe it's because I like Kermit the Frog from the Muppets (who remembers that show?!  That and Fraggle Rock... classics). 

Whatever the reason, I love green.  I have green splashed throughout my house - in very subtle spurts - but nonetheless it's there.    See?  (Don't mind the white walls, they were here when we got here - I just CANNOT decide on a paint color!) 

So I'm feeling UBER green today and UBER alive (my grass is growing back!  OMG!  CELEBRATE!  I kill everything that grows in the ground for the most part).

So in light of my love of Green.  I'm doing a giveaway!  Oh yes.  I said it.  A giveaway!  EEEEE! 

Here's how to win. 

1.  Comment on why you love spring.  Green.  Life.  WHATEVER you celebrate.  Seriously. Whatever!  Comment below and comment your little heart out!

I'll randomly select someone to win a FREE set of THREE EcoStuffers 7x7, 7x5 and 7x3.5) - with GREEN in them of course! WOOP WOOP! 

2. Second way to win is just simply follow my blog and I'll pick a random winner!
(Eyes closed and all)
Yep.  ANOTHER lucky winner will get ANOTHER set of EcoStuffers!!

SO it's pretty easy!  I'll be giving away TWO sets of EcoStuffers this go around!  Wanna see which ones?  Ok.  You twisted my arm...

And the best part (I know I know - HOW can this get any BETTER?!!)... You can choose which one you'd like if you are a lucky winner! 

So there you have it lovies!  Comment away!  I need some Spring inspiration - and I'd love to know what others celebrate! 

See you later!!  I'm off to try to enjoy this day!

Oh yeah, nearly forgot... this contest will end Friday March 26th, 2010! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Environmental Effects of Plastic Bags

As we all  know, I am a very strict non-plastic bag user.  There are so many issues with plastic bags! Environmental issues mainly.  Next is the cost.  The cost of using plastic bags in the grocery stores is about .03/bag.  Guess where that money goes?  Straight onto the cost of the food we buy!  Yes.  YOU are paying for your own plastic bags at the grocery store.  I was a little taken aback by that fact as well, however, think about it - you think that a store is just going to GIVE you something for free?  Ummm... not so much.  

The dangers of plastic and plastic bags extends WAY beyond grocery sacks.  It extends right into our lunches.  Go to a school one day and watch the waste in each and every lunch period.  You'll be shocked.  In countries like Japan, they have more nutritious lunches (which is a whole other topic altogether!) and they reuse everything.  They put up their chopsticks after washing them off for use the next day.  Amazing.  No waste?  

Check these statistics out regarding waste in our schools.  Mind boggling: 

That comes from this site which is FABULOUS!!

I had a lovely woman stationed in Australia order a bunch of items from me because they have what is called a "waste-free" lunch.  Woah.  What a concept!  I was pretty much enthralled with this idea and wanted to start an initiative within my area.  But, alas, day job!  (again, another story!!)  

Here is another story that touched me... Ugh.  Can you imagine this?!!

So the reduction of plastic waste, even if it's just in one household or an entire country saves much more than money.  It saves the environment and I have to say - I want my child(ren) and their children to grow up on a world of beauty and wonder - just as I did.  

I found this little video that explains just a little bit.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

SediluGreen EcoStuffers - Web Store now live!

Let me tell you something first and foremost.  Opening an online store is harrowing.  Tiring.  Frustrating.  And alllll those four letter words our mothers warned us not to say or she'd wash our mouths out with soap.  But, in the end, it's sooooo worth it and I'm actually enjoying this now!

So here's a brief overview of the journey... 

Got the domain like 10 months ago. Score! Didn't do anything with it because I had no idea what I wanted to do.  Booger. 

So then I did something with it and got the shopping cart and some sort of a web design that will eventually change once EcoStuffers start catching on, which they are QUICKLY doing so!

Signed up for the merchant account and got it rolling, and then it wouldn't sync.  Double Booger!  It was like that for about a month and I had NO idea that it was not accepting the credit cards.  Triple Booger.  Luckily a kind soul told me that she wanted to purchase but it wasn't letting her.  Bless her lovely little heart!

Finally - here we are - working and Functional!  So I got everything ironed out and we're up for business!  Now, keep in mind that we have DOZENS upon DOZENS of designs but they're not all listed.  It's taking some time, but I am working my little fingers to the bones getting this site done.  It's actually pretty exciting!!

So go check it out!  Favorite it.  Keep checking it out.  Then check it out again.  More designs to come!

Oh, and check us out at the following websites where our items are featured (and rest assured MORE to come in the future.  Yeah, it's pretty cool). 

Coming soon!!  

Share my joy!  Love ya! 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recycling Tips from SediluGreen

I think I'm going into blogging overload.  For real and seriously.  Ever since I was featured on The Blessings of Modern Domestication and she mentioned my blog, I've been freaking out and blogging up a storm. I just hadn't had the time.  I know.  Slap me.  That is ABSOLUTELY no excuse and I should be tarred and feathered.  But please don't resort to that - I'll just hang my head in shame instead and beg for forgiveness!  :)   Forgiven?  YAY!  Thanks!  I knew you'd come through. 

So here it is - tip time!  On the recycling effort/theme, let's get this thing rolling along!

Check out this AMAZING post that I found and I learned a LOT from it.  Like - not all plastics are recyclable.  Woah.  I had no idea! This is from a really neat site called EARTH EASY.  Check it out for real!

Have you ever thought "Recycling just takes up too much space?  Too much time? Where would I put a recycling container in my house?  My town doesn't even pick up recycling!  Ugh.  What a hassle!!"

Let me be the first to tell you, and I admit, I was a naysayer at one time. *gasp*!  I know.  

But now that we've started the recycling effort, it's really effortless. It took a bit to get everyone in the habit of not throwing trash into the plastic recycling container, but now it's sort of like second nature and it really only took 3 weeks of training - and I have 3 boys!  Yeah.  That's exactly what I am saying... if  you can train a boy, you can train anyone to recycle! 

So here are some tips: 

  • Start small!  
    • Start with maybe just recycling paper and do that for a couple of months.  Rome wasn't built in a day after all!!
  •  Do not invest in costly dedicated recycling bins!
    • Use cheap plastic trash cans to start.  If you're concerned about how they will look sitting around, make sure they all match!  
  •  Make sure you LABEL your recycling bins in some way
    • Use a marker and a piece of paper
    • Have the KIDS help do this!  It will give them a vested interest in recycling since they helped do something with it!
  • Make weekly trips to the recycling center if your town/city does not do a pick up
    • Our city does not pick up our recycling, so I make sure that I drive by the recycling center at least 3 times a week - not just to drop off, but to ensure that I remember to bring it the next time!  
    • If it's super out of your way, make the trip less often, OR - make it a family trip and have the kiddos help you out!
Recycle on my friends!!

Giving Thanks to Many - from SediluGreen

So here I am.  Sitting at my desk and I'm really feeling pretty good.  Why?  Well thanks for asking!

Because it makes me feel great that there are people out there who like what I'm doing.  Appreciate it even!  There are those who have placed orders from me and have blogged about the items.  There are people that I have sent samples to that just say "thanks".  You know what I've been finding sometimes?

People don't use the word THANKS often enough!  Why not?  Beats me!  All I have to say is that I appreciate each and every one of my clients.  Each and every one of my friends.  Each and every one of my family members.  Heck, I appreciate strangers that I don't even really know!

So I wanted to take a moment and make this a hearty THANK YOU post.  I'm dedicating this one to all of the fantastic bloggers out there that have blogged about SediluGreen's EcoStuffers.  Below you'll find the list of them and I'm hopeful that this will continue to grow.  I think that I'm going to make it a point to make it a THANK YOU THURSDAY from now on.  Not just to people that are associated with EcoStuffers... but to everyone.

Is there anyone that YOU want to thank today?  Post a comment and let me know!  

I think this is going to be a regular post. I like it.  Makes me feel warm and fuzzy and who doesn't love warm fuzzies?  *shrug*

So THANK YOU to the following bloggers who are ABSOLUTELY stinkin amazing - keep in mind that these are in no particular order!!!

You are all amazing!  So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart - for being just that - AMAZING!

New Recycling Program in the SediluGreen household

I don't have any fancy photos of the trash cans, but here's me taking out the trash!

Oh I'm SOOOO joking!  I thought this was sort of a funny photo, so I had to put it up here. She doesn't look like she should be taking out the trash!  LOL!!

Ok, back to business.  Ahem.

So here are the type of trash cans we got.  Again, nothing fancy!  We line them with plastic trash bags (AGH!  What?!) But rest assured!!  They're earth friendly and recyclable (shew).

We have ALWAYS recycled plastic.  Ever since I have made it my personal mission to eliminate as much plastic from our lives as possible (hello, EcoStuffers anyone??!!), we have recycled plastic.  Yay us!  

But then I realized that all that good feeling that I felt while I was chucking all that plastic into a trash can strategically placed right outside the cabinet that held the "trash" trashcan was washed out by all the trash that we could RECYCLE that was being put into the outside cans. 


So here's what we did.  We got more trash cans.  I know - just what every American woman wants... MORE TRASH CANS!  Yay!  

So I went to Wal-Mart and picked up 3 more trash cans and put them outside the utility room door.  Fancy.  Eh, not really.  But it was much better than having 4 trash cans all lined up!  

We are proud to say that we are now recycling the following: 

  • Tin Cans (veggie cans and the sort)
  • Newspapers 
  • Magazines and all junk mail (shredding important stuff like credit card offers, bank statements, etc.)
                                        **Note that all shreds should be recycled too!**
  • Plastic

It feels good.  Also, we have an unexpected benefit to all of this recycling.  Our trash bill has been reduced by half because we no longer have to pay for two cans per week.  Woop woop!  So that saves us $16/month.  Nice!!  

I'm going to be doing a post about the benefits of recycling today and I think it's going to be pretttttyyyy interesting!!  

See you soon!! 

New Styles of EcoStuffers!

OMG!  I am seriously stinkin excited about these new styles that I just rolled out.  I mean, excited to the endless bounds of the earth giddy inside excited.  Ok. Maybe not THAT excited, but pretty excited! 

I found the CUTIEST CUTIEST CUTIEST little girl sparkly skull fabric and I had to get it ALL.  I mean, there were only 3.78 yards of this fabric, but I am going to be checking back and getting a full bolt soon.  I have so many grandiose ideas about this fabric that I have to sit back and slow down.  Do you love it as much as me or am I just insanely obsessed with it? I mean, it's got SPARKLES!  C'mon!  SPARKLES!

See what I'm saying?  Well.  I may be nuts, but I think it's adorable!

So then I got to thinking - what other rock and roller chickadee doesn't want a mean animal print?  So I found this amazingly wonderful zebra print and had to go for the gusto.  I mean, what lady doesn't have SOMETHING zebra in her life in this day and age?  I tried to resist, but got sucked into the fad.  The hoody I have IS amazingly cute though - I must admit.  Anyway, so here's my contribution!  Cute 'eh?

Now, I saved a good one for last.  My friend Amy at mamaslittlemonkeys -  (go check her out on etsy too... SERIOUSLY FIERCE STUFF!) got me interested in this fabric.  Now, it's not for everyone, but it's really funny.  My hubs even thought so and wants jammy pants made out of it.  One day I'll have time my love.  Just not this day... 

So this is called Dysfunctional Family from Michael Miller. And it's pretty funny!  Modeled after a 50's family it looks like - all smiles - Leave it to Beaver style - but saying some really off and devious stuff!  Good stuff!

What do you think about this one?  

Ok.  Off to get some Earth Friendly tips for the day.  I really need to get back in the groove!  We've stepped up our recycling program at our house so I'm going to share about that!  

See you soon!! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiatus - since January?! EcoStuffers going strong though!

Hello my dear dear friends.  I've been gone too long.  Why?  Well, apparently the housing market in my area is not too shabby because I've been selling houses left and right.  I have had some down time this week which is nice though.  However, my longing to work from home completely full time is still there - burning bright!  I just haven't had a chance to really COMPLETE ANYTHING except work.  

So, let's take a peek at what has been put on the back burner, shall we?

Photos of new products rolled out
Housecleaning (I'll spare you the photos of my beautiful used to be beautiful wood floors.  Let's not TALK about the carpet... k?)
Child punishment

So, in other words, I have a house with wrecked floors, a business that has not been marketed properly and unruly kids.  *sigh*  But that's about to change by golly! (if it kills me). 

Hiring a cleaning lady to do my floors every other week.  OMG!  Is this HEAVEN?  No, I'm just at the Pearly Gates right now... Heaven is when she comes every other Monday to sweep and mop my floors.  

I'm giddy.  

So, I'm off to save the Earth!  No, not just with my baggies - but with some tips for you to save cashola and much more!  

See you later!  I promise I won't be gone this long again... Can you believe it's been TWO months?  Yah.  Me either.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New products! I just love creating!

If life were a cartoon, I'd probably have stars in my eyes all day - with those eyes being right above the bags underneath them.  *yawn* 

BUT - I have completed about 30 new designs - not all posted on etsy just yet, but here's a preview of some!  I'm pretty excited about my new method of taking photos too... I love the carrots! 

Are you in love like me?  Yeah.  I thought so...  It's hard to resist their cuteness! 

Ok.  I'm off to bed before it gets to be 1 am and here I am... typing away... again. 


Seriously a WONDERFUL cleaner! Earth friendly! YAY!

I am a Frugal Franny (most of the time....).  And I also like to clean (most of the time....).  And I like to do what I can for the Earth (ALL of the time!).  So when I was in Wal-Mart and I was completely out of all-purpose cleaner and I had NO coupons, it was like a halo over the bottle of cleaner that had a coupon hanging off of it.  *angels singing*  A bit overdramatic?  One might think, but I like to pinch those pennies until that penny spits out another one... Laugh if you must... I'll wait. 

So what I got was Nature's Source natural glass and surface cleaner.  Interesting sounding?  Yep.  That's what I thought too.  It confused me when it said that it had the power of Windex though - since windex has never really been advertised (and we ALWAYS believe advertisements, right?  Right?) as earth friendly.  So... moving on...

I read the bottle and it says 99.9% Natural. And remember, there IS a $1 off coupon attached to this bottle, so I may be a bit jaded... But I read the bottle more and it says that the product uses plant-based, biodegradable cleaners. And, after reading the ingredients, it only has a miniscule, tiny, ittybitty amount of stabilizer and fragrance... Hmmm.  Interesting!  I buy it.  It comes to $1.04 with the coupon.  I'd be a FOOL not to buy it!  I'm a bit skeptical, but after using it on EVERYTHING in the house, I'm sold.  Now, if only they had a refill bottle... wow. That would be awesome.  But, we can't have it all can we? 

So I get a clean house (and it's not too overwhelmingly strong either.  Nice light fresh scent!  Nice!) and an environmentally sound product?  I highly recommend steering away from those harsh chemicals that are not safe for your family or the environment, not to mention not good for your septic system and drains.  But probably the health of your family overrides those things! 

Check it out!!  Just a good Earth friendly tip for you cleaning mama's out there!