Friday, April 16, 2010

Cutie Patooty New Bags from SediluGreen!

Really?  It's been 2 weeks since the last post?  C'mon Dinnetta.  Get with the program!  I know.  I've been absent.  Baseball season has started to kill me.  I mean, ever since I made it a point to go to my stepson's games.  I just couldn't NOT go to support him.  He's been doing SO good!

Anyway, here are some new designs!  Woop Woop!

Can you believe how funny these baggies are?  OMG!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these.  This fabric by Michael Miller has my entire family craving for me to make them clothes, pants, etc.  Calm down there sweeties... I'm a bit busy right now!

Enjoy!  Loving making these new designs!  I can't WAIT to get more fabric, but let's focus on what I have going now.  Let me know your faves! 

I need to cut out some designs... Which do you think I should keep?  Check out my etsy shop and let me know! 

Talk to you later gaters!