Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Work harder, faster, and more efficient... read on!!

I was introduced to a product line by my friend Sudie (an amazing woman... I'm lucky to know her and her husband - seriously!!) and I was skeptical at first.  Just like EVERY product on the market, I was like "whatever.  This isn't going to do anything different for me..." and then one night I was falling asleep at the sewing machine.  I mean, I was TIRED but had to get my products out... SO I thought of the samples Susan (aka Sudie).  I figured "what do I have to lose?? I'm already exhausted..."

I took the little packets of powder that she gave me and mixed it with the 8 ounces of water suggested and chugged the concoction.  Within minutes I felt AMAZING.  I was able to focus on my tasks.  I was able to stay up for a few extra hours and get MORE DONE than I had during the day, and this was at 11 PM!  I woke up the next day with no problems and still felt great.  This was an energy drink that I had NEVER experienced before. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm AGAINST energy drinks.  I hate them.  HATE THEM.  I always feel cruddy after the "crash".  So just to make sure, I drank another Spark the next day during the day.  I felt amazing again.  No crash.  Say what?!!  No crash!

What I'm referring to is a product by ADVOCARE and it's called SPARK.  Seriously.  If you haven't tried it... TRY IT.  TRY IT NOW!  It's not available in stores, but I know where to get it.  OMG...

Endorsed by Saints Quarterback (non paid endorser!!)

They have other nutritional products as well. It's a well founded company with scientists that research this stuff.  Weight loss products?  They have them!  Energy drinks?  Got 'em!  Appetite suppresents and metabolism boosters?  Check and double check! 

Contact me if you're ready to feel amazing and get more done with more focus!

Something new up my sleeve....

I've been thinking of what I can do to take my bags to the next level.  I already have a pretty good process in production.  Everything is very well made and the attention to detail is impeccable.  I think that the designs are trendy and up to date (WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Suggestions and comments WELCOME!) and I have something for pretty much everyone. 

But is what I make enough??  In my opinion, NO.  I always need to be thinking of the next best thing, so I have come up with an even better design.  Now, to get it into play... It will take a couple of weeks, but... I think that I can come up with something that will be innovative and shocking!  Ok ok ok, so maybe not SHOCKING, but... pretty damn neat! 

I'm sending some samples out to some websites within the next couple of weeks as well. Busy busy!  On the road to getting SediluGreen mainstream!  Lots to learn.  Lots to overcome.  Lots to do.  But -

WELL FRIGGEN WORTH IT!  Every agonizing moment... HA! 

Enjoy and stay tuned!  I'll be hopefully getting the blog up to a point where I'm posting Tutorials and such so it's going to be a process, but... Hey.  Again - worth it! 

What am I doing up at 12:24 am you may ask?  (or not, but hey... segway!  LOL). 

I'll post about it in a bit.  Pretty darn amazing product I found!  Works like a charm and it's legal.  LOL!! 



Much more listed! After Christmas!

I've been working hard this week... Got some orders out.  Which was exciting.  Got Christmas out of the way - that was the most exciting of all.  It's amazing how Christmas was so exciting as a child and how stressful it can be as an adult... I continue to think that "this year is going to be different.  I'm NOT going to let it give me acid reflux.  I refuse!" and yet... it happens.  Oh well.  Life goes on!  Maybe next year!  HA!

So!  With that said, I've been working hard to get new designs created and listed and with much success!  I sewed and sewed today (on my ONLY day off from my day job *sigh*) and got quite much accomplished.  Check out some of the new things I listed in my shop!   Something for everyone!  As always, I have them listed in groups of 3, then each size separately. 

REMEMBER -  you can get matching napkins as well!

Monday, December 7, 2009

*yawn* This is tough....

Just a word of warning to anyone that is faint of heart.  It takes a LONG time and a lot of long hours setting up shop with your own items.  The main goal is to get everything set up so that you don't have to continually break your neck trying to keep up. 

I have learned however, that you must update your store pretty often to keep people coming back and interested.  If someone finds something interesting, they'll tell someone and they'll come back.  That's the goal! 

I'm totally tired and I think that I may fall asleep... right now.  Seriously.  *yawn*


PS - on the upside I listed more items both on etsy AND on!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Designs are done and ready to roll!!

It's been a long time coming... but I finally got my new products ready to roll out.  Not all of them of course, but I have been working my fingers to the bone (ok, not really but dang it sounded good).  Between going to work 8 zillion hours a week and doing this stuff... I'm plum wore OUT.  It's tough working outside the home and trying to start a home business but in the end... it's going to be worth it.  (I hope).  I read on the "Quit your day job" series on etsy today on a very talented young lady who runs and she said, "There’s an old joke about how you only have to work half days when you’re self-employed, and you even get to choose which 12 hours you work".  I couldn't have said it better and I'm not even in that position yet!

So here are a couple of sneak peeks.  I took pictures today before work and then edited them throughout the day... To get them just right (which didn't really happen, but hey... I tried). I have off of work tomorrow and I have a lot of shipping to do but hopefully I'll be able to list everything.  I may get these done tonight, but hey... it's all in the air...

Check it out!  I added NAPKINS!!  OMG!  I'm stoked about that for some reason.  I mean like totally friggen excited....

Check it out!  I'll have napkins to coordinate ALL (well, most at least!) of the EcoStuffers!! 


NAPKINS! Notice the BOY designs too!!

Some NEW EcoStuffers (just some, not all)!

Hope you like 'em!  Now get to shoppin!

See ya!

Friday, December 4, 2009

They have arrived!!

FINALLY.  The labels have arrived.  Again.  Finally finally finally!  Now I can get cracking on finishing up some new designs and adding my MUCH anticipated REUSABLE NAPKINS!  Seriously.  I'm stoked about these.  I have so many of them sitting on my recently neglected sewing table just waiting to be used.  But alas, I was crazy and didn't order them in time. 

OH, but what I did do today, after drinking an ADVOCARE SPARK (seriously I'll be posting about this company shortly.  It's stinkin' amazing... and the products are just as fabulous! I don't put things into my body often, but this stuff is right on the mark... AWESOME) I realized that I needed to put my product NAME on there and not just the company name.  Yeah... duh, right?  I have a few of those duh moments a day... Don't we all??  Please just smile and nod even if you don't... k? 

Anyway... so now I have my "old" design with just SediluGreen on them, and the new ones coming.  I'm pretty excited! 

I'll be submitting my products to a huge product retailer online and HOPE and PRAY that they get picked up.  They should because I spend a lot of time and put a lot of attention to detail in my products.  Everything that I make gets the same attention to detail because I need to to be perfect or as near to perfect as I can get them! 

Pretty exciting stuff going on around this place! 

If you know of any friends to follow - please pass on!  I'll be adding more "usable" content to my blog one of these days.  hehe  I just need to get on the up and coming list.  LOL

So be on the lookout for some new designs!  YAY!! 

See ya!

Dinnetta (SediluGreen)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have seriously been in SHOCK for the past nearly week that I got so much fabric for such good deals on Black Friday.  Sure, maybe I could have stood in line at Best Buy for some cheap electronics, but why?  When I can buy fabric.  Lots and lots of fabric...

I honestly bought about 11 bolts of fabric.  OMG.  Yes my dears!  11 BOLTS!  I am glad that I did because I needed (yes needed desperately) some BOY designs.  I didn't have many and now I will!

I was trying to get on a website to get some photos but the site is down for some reason.  So, I guess it will have to wait.  But I got some GREAT skulls, some cute dinosaurs that my son felt "really good" about and some trucks fabric that I got.  My step-daughter felt awesome about some flannel camo lizards that I got (boyish, but she loved it!)... so I'm pretty excited about some of the new designs coming!

Now, if I could only get my labels in... I won't let THAT happen again!

So make sure you follow me to sign up for some GREAT giveaways soon!!


Labels! Come on!

During this whole process of the start-up, I've learned a few things.  Quite a few things!  And being prepared and keeping GOOD accurate records (accurate is a good key!) of what you have in stock is so important.  I ran out of labels for my baggies and dang it if I am at a standstill.  I have a BILLION of the baggies AND reusable MATCHING napkins (oh yeah, they're sweet!!) just ready for labels and guess what?  I don't have any stinkin labels.  I thought they'd be here Monday.  Nothing in the mail.  I thought maybe, just maybe they'd be here Tuesday.  Ummm nope.  It's Wednesday and nothing.  So... I'm at a standstill.

So in my adventure I'll of course keep sharing my mistakes with you so that in case you're in the same position, (starting a start-up business!) you can avoid these mistakes.  I'm all about rescuing - I'm a rescuer by nature.  People.  Things.  Animals. Planets.  I rescue.  It's what I do!

So, make sure that you're ALWAYS in stock of materials for your craft business.  It's crucial.  Otherwise, you're going to be disappointed when you run out of things and can't move forward!

So now my new products will have to just wait to show their lovely faces... *sigh*  But it builds excitement, eh?!!  :)

Until next time.... Toodles!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sewing My Heart Out... Learning Every Step of the Way!

I've been cutting and sewing my heart out the past couple of days.  I'm determined to have at least 50 products in my inventory by mid next week... I have off this weekend and my new SediluGreen labels are being shipped on Friday so they should be here Monday... Which is ok, but I'll need to sew until my fingers bleed on Monday.  Right now I'm just getting my products ready to rock and roll and getting them the "insert label now" stage.  This is something that I'm trying out and I think that it will work out!  

So this is what I've learned so far when starting a crafty dealy business thingy.

1.  You can't solely work "on demand" making products.  Meaning, make sure you don't have to cut, pin, sew, cut, fix, and everything EACH time you work on something.  It's going to be EXHAUSTING.  I've found this out the hard way.  Do a LOT of background work.  If you sew, cut your fabric in sizes you need first.  This is a good start.  So that when you do need to make your wares, you have everything done and cut and ready to rock and roll.

2.  Make sure you have a good built inventory! This way you're not scrambling to make an order of 1 or 2 items, even if you have some background work done.  Build your inventory so that when you get an order, you can just ship it out and not have to work on the item EACH and every time you sell something!

3.  Ensure that you have GREAT photos.  A great photo is going to take you a long way.  Trust me.  I am super anal about my photos.  I have to have the perfect lighting.  Perfect background.  Perfect angle.  I'm a perfectionist.  What can I say??

3b.  As an addition to #3, make sure that you have a BUNCH of products to photograph at once.  This way you're not pulling out your lights every time, setting up your spot every time, etc.  Get as much as you possibly can together so that you can just rock it out and get your products photographed all at once.  I know that me personally - I photograph my stuff on my fireplace bricks in my living room.  So, I have 4 HUGE lights that I have to get out, set up, plug in, make sure no one goes NEAR my setup (I've had 2 mishaps where the light has been knocked over and had to spend $70+ to replacement bulbs!!) and photograph.  The setup alone takes about 25 - 30 minutes.  I'm busy.  I don't have that kind of time to do that every time I need to take pics.

Then I edit all my photos in one swoop.  Awesome.  Like a well-oiled machine.

4.  Just have fun, stay focused and stay organized!  Once you start feeling all poopy, stop.  Take a break.  Do something else and go back to your stuff later!

I'm going to be announcing my blog to the world soon.  I just wanted to get some decent content to entice people to actually care.  LOL  So... Care please!  I'm fun.  I promise!  I have a lot of good content!  I promise!  Ok.  You don't have to believe me.  HAHA! 



Furoshiki - My new obsession

I posted the other day about Furochic - a Japanese method of wrapping gifts with fabric.  I've now become completely obsessed with it.  Share my obsession. Seriously do a YouTube search on this - it's cheap!  It's EARTH FRIENDLY!  It's fabulous... I totally love it.  ENJOY! 

Why do I post Earth Friendly Tips?  Because I make Earth friendly items!  YAY!  We love the Earth.  Seriously, we do!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Follow Me!

I love getting things for free.  Don't you?  Well, I'm going to be doing some giveaways within the next few weeks and I want you to get in on it! 

I'll make an announcement to my followers and have everyone scramble for freebies.  It'll be great!  Seriously! 

So, please... tell you friends!  Tell your co-workers.  Tell your neighbor and UPS man - I don't care!  To follow this blog and get free stuff. 

I love free stuff.  Did I mention that? 



Green Tips for the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, (I can hardly believe it myself), now is not the time to just forget about the planet.  We still need to be conscious of what we're throwing away, what's going into our water supply and just because it's a lax time of year doesn't mean that the Earth stops loving us!  So we shouldn't stop loving her! 

Here are some ideas to keep your carbon footprint at it's leanest this year...

Try wrapping your presents in fabric!  I know. Sounds crazy and expensive, but in reality it's really not!  It's an ancient Japanese method of wrapping called "Furochic".  It's really amazing and EASY to do - no special skills required!  You can find SUPER cheap fabric at Wal-Mart ALL the time for $1/yard.  Think about it - you'll be spending less on tape and wrapping paper and your presents will be UBER stylish and cool!  Here's a video on how to do it.  Woah.  Watch it a couple of times to perfect it!  Do a search on YouTube for Furochic and find other size boxes and odd shaped items to do!!  Be a trendsetter this year!

Shop online.  You may ask, how does this reduce waste and help the earth?  Well, have you ever driven from store to store and then back to store just to find something that someone really wanted?  Raise your hand if you have.  My hand is firmly raised.  But by shopping online, you're reducing emissions from your car.  Well, isn't it replaced by the emissions by the UPS driver or the USPS man?  No.  Because those guys are already out there delivering packages while you're in your pajamas sipping cocoa shopping online!  So YOU aren't out there.  Nice!  Oh, and lots of retailers offer FREE shipping.  Just do a search online for the retailer and the word Coupons.  So it would be Coupons.  Just like that a coupon for free shipping should pop up!  Excellent!

Try putting small gifts into EcoStuffers. The EcoStuffer is not just for lunch items. You can put a BUNCH of small stuff in here and give as a gift! Fully wrapped! Save on paper, tape, etc and your gift receiver can use that bag for years to come. YEARS! Check out the designs in the etsy shop! Click to the right!!! ----------->>>>

Give services as gifts. Get your mind out of the gutter!  Good grief!  I'm talking lawn mowing service coupons, or a donation in their name to their favorite charity.  Do something that requires NO waste to be had (like packaging, wrapping, etc). 

Try regifting. I know... so taboo!! But were you really going to use that iced tea maker from Aunt Clara? No, but your Sister In Law may love it!

Get rechargeable batteries. So many things make noise today.  Toys.  Gadgets. Gizmos.  The list can go on for an eternity - from kids to adults - it seems that EVERYTHING needs batteries.  Cut down on costs and environmentally harmful batteries by getting rechargeables.  So you'll have to plug them into the wall once in a while and be without your Wii remote, but c'mon, like you needed to play ANOTHER game of MarioKart RIGHT NOW??

Purchase a LIVE tree as a Christmas Tree. I checked this out and there are NO laws in the US about using a tree other than the traditional Fir tree.  Seriously!  Google it!  So buy a tree that is potted and use it as a Christmas Tree.  It can be anything - get creative!  It can be a pine if  you'd like.  Then, after Christmas, plant it in your yard!  OOOOLALA.  New foliage!

Reuse your Christmas Cards. Ok, what?!  Well, typically people don't write on the side with the picture on it, right?  So cut neatly along the fold and use that as a neat postcard the next year.  You can have the kids make up postcards to send on their own.  It's really a cool idea! 

Christmas has become so commercialized that it's almost humorous.  Until you realize that the waste and excess we feel we need to do comes as a blow to the belly.  Do kids seriously need $1000 worth of gifts?  What is Christmas about anyway?  Fattening the wallets of marketers and CEO's?  MMMMMM... nope.  It's about the day of Christmas and the joy of spending it with family.  And not to mention, do your kids remember who got them what every year for Christmas?  Mine don't.  I asked my 12 year old stepdaughter last year where she got the pink monopoly game and she answered "I have no idea.  It was just in my room!"  *blink blink*  *Blank stare*  Seriously? 

Kids don't remember the gifts.  Those gifts are there for a month or a year, but they don't remember where they got them.  Do you know what my stepdaughter did remember?  That we all got up in our jammies and I tripped on a stupid ornament that had falled off the tree and nearly broke my face open on the floor.  Now THAT is a memory! 

I'm not saying that we shouldn't give gifts.  I LOVE to give and receive gifts.  But let's just not go insanely crazy (like we did last year) and put out too much and regret it until MARCH!

Till next time....



The Madness Begins! (And the excitement builds!)

It's pretty exciting this whole "design" stuff.  I've always enjoyed it but never had a passion for it.  In the past couple of years I really really really have developed this passion for fabric.  I like the smell of it.  The feel of it.  The look of it just lying there on shelves in my "sweat shop" (storage space in the garage)...  I just love it! 

I was just online on the destash group and picked up probably 40 yards of more fabric.  Am I nuts?!!  Yep.  Completely and fully and utterly crazy - FOR FABRIC!  I had to take a couple of months "off" of the fabric group where the girls are Amazing and the fabric flows freely, because I was buying so much.  My husband was beginning to think I was losing my mind.  And quite frankly, I probably was.  But... the good thing?  I have a GOOD stash to do MORE and MORE designs of the EcoBags!  I have a LOT in store and the excitement builds every day...

I actually stayed up until past midnight last night sewing, cutting, and creating.  Something that I hadn't done in a long time because of this job.  But you know what?  I'm just swallowing it and doing it.  Designs shall come forth!

So, the update for today?  More fabric is coming!!!   It's one the way.  Not via pony express.  Not carrier pigeon.  But USPS box.  Oh yeah deary poohs.  USPS delivers!

Now, to go pay these invoices.... *gulp* 



PS - thanks for reading... my thoughts can be scattered sometimes but what artist isn't a bit loco en la cabeza??  'Eh?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quitting My Day Job? Am I Crazy?

After thinking about it long and hard, I've decided that I think it's time to try to spend some more time with my family and build a business out of what I love.  But that means quitting my day job.  That means reducing our income by well... my income!  *gulp*  It's really scary, but you know what?  If you don't TRY, then how will you ever KNOW if you'll be successful?  I can sew my heart out.  I can create things that are SUPER cute.  I can do this... right?  *double gulp* 

I was going to try to prepare in advance and save up some money, but then it got to a point in my job where I am working 60 hours a week.  Which I'm SURE that I'll be doing that when I stop working and start creating full time, but I won't have set hours to do the work at.  I won't be working 10 am to 6 pm Tuesday through Saturday and 1 to 6 on Sunday with ONE freakin' day off a week.  And I won't be stuck staying late if I have someone come into the model home.  It's risky, but what in life isn't risky?

I talked to a guy today who owns a gas station in a really bad part of town.  He owns a home where I work.  Well, he's 28 and has had a heart attack, been shot, almost got shot while at work the other day, been in a really really really bad motorcyle accident and still smiles every time I see him.  I asked him today if he smiles so he wouldn't cry.  He laughed (of course) and said "sweety.  I live my day to the fullest each and every day.  Why?  Because I love God and my family and of all else - myself.  I do what makes me happy every day... Everyone should."  *sniffle*  He's SO right!  So...

That's it.  By the first of the year, I'll be full time selling my wares!  EEEE!  Follow me on the journey!  All while blogging and giving stuff away.  Oh the fun it will be!!




New Fabrics - Coming soon!

I am one that loves surprises.  And suspense.  I love suspenseful movies that make me jump out of my skin.  I love mystery novels so much that I can't wait to get to the end (when I have time to actually sit down and ENJOY reading of course!)  I love to work on projects just to see how they'll turn out... I love suspense. 

So, my friends, I'm just going to say - there are new fabrics coming.  OMG!  Yes.  I said it.  New fabrics.  For who though?  Kids?  Moms?  Dads?  Teens?  TWEENS?!!  I can't stand it! 

I'll reveal some new designs in like - well - I can't tell you!  I'm horrible I know..

So as a sneak peek, I'll give you 2... But only TWO!  (I'm totally excited)...

What do you think??  I, personally, am completely excited.  These are going to be AWESOME!  EEE!



Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Your Kids to Help Save the Planet!

Sometimes it's hard for me to get the kids out of BED much less care about what's going on outside.  I mean, when texting and the telephone are the main focus of a teen's life, who cares about anything else, right?  Make my bed what?  Take a shower when? Clean my room HOW? UGH!  C'mon!  You're a slavedriver!  Yep.  That's what it's like...

What about the younger kids (like my 6 year old) who are just eager to please, but have other things on their minds like "where's the cat?" and "Have you seen my green sweatpants that I've worn 15 times this week?" 

So how do you get them to help out and make sure that their kids will have a clean place to play free of pollutants and ickiness?  Well, let me tell you - it's not by grounding them or sending them to their rooms (full of XBox's, TV's, PSP's, iPod's.... etc etc etc). 

Make it EASY!!  Yes.  Don't make it so that it's a chore. In our house, recycling is a part of daily life. There is a plastic recycling trash can right next to the cabinet where the regular trash is kept.  It's a plain white open can that ONLY plastic goes into.  So, easy to see!  It can also be a game (who can put the most plastic in here?) or it can be a part of daily chores (if I see you throwing plastic away, you'll be docked some commissions).  But the main thing is MAKE IT EASY and accessible!  Especially for the teens!

What about turning off the lights?  My stepson comes from a house where they leave lights on at all times.  So when he came to live with us, wow.  What a shocker that when we leave a room we turn off the lights!  So what I do is as I'm doing my daily chores, and I see a light on, I'll just casually walk by him and say "hey, who's in your room?" and continue walking by.  At first he would ignore me.  Then I would say it again "Seriously, is there someone in your room?  What do we do when we leave a room?"  He now thinks that it's annoying and gets up and turns it off ... better yet - he turns off his light when he LEAVES the room!  So tip #2 is -

Be annoying.  *smile*

How about those LLLOOOOONNNNGGG showers??  Set a timer in the bathroom and make it a game.  "Who can take the fastest shower and STILL wash every stinky part of their body??!"  Surprisingly, it works.  Seriously!  Another good way to get them to take a short shower?  About 5 minutes in, go into the bathroom and throw a pitcher of ice cold water on them from over the top of the shower.  Not only will it give you a GREAT laugh, but I bet they'll be more cautious on shower times! 

So I think that tip #3 is be annoying too.  Or overzealous.  I'm not sure....

Next, how do you help those kids be helpful to their planet?  Lead by example and start young!  My son has been helping out around the house since he was a toddler.  It started simple, but he has learned more and more on how to be conservative.  He has learned from watching me as well - turning off lights, putting on sweaters in the winter, using ceiling fans and other fans during the summer... You name it - he learns!

Make sure you talk about the importance in terms that aren't nagging.  Casually mention WHY you recycle.  Or WHY you turn off the lights.  Mention the purpose of handwashing dishes and taking shorter showers.  Using the method of explaining while doing sort of allows them to embrace the information and move forward in making their own decisions with YOU (their leader and embracer) leading the pack.  Don't let the duties slide.

Start small and work up with older kids.  We all know how stubborn they can be (oh don't we?!!). 

Finally, let them know that being eco-friendly doesn't have to be all humdrum and boring.  Grab some SediluGreen EcoStuffers to reduce your plastic waste and be fun at lunch or on the go! 


SediluGreen - where eco friendly is FUN AND FASHIONABLE!!

10 Tips YOU Can Do to Save the Planet

Where would we be without the earth?  Probably not on Mars or the moon, so the Earth is pretty much our place of inhabitance, and yet we don't tyipcally think about the things that we do in our daily lives as detrimental to the Earth.  What can I do to save the entire Earth you may ask yourself.  Tons.  Every bit helps.  It's up to us as humans to help the Earth survive so that our children and our children's children and so forth have a beautiful place to live and enjoy - just like we have!

So here are a few tips that you can use, as a person and family, to reduce waste and save the Earth - one day at a time!

I live these tips as well, so these are tried and true ways to reduce waste, costs, and help Mother Earth all at the same time!  It's a win-win-win situation any way you look at it!!

1. Turn out all lights when not in use.  This saves not only money, but it saves energy consumption.

2. Reuse water bottles.  Don't just throw those water bottles away after each one is done.  It's easy to go through 3 - 6 or even MORE in one day. So fill those bottles back up with spring water!  Not only will this save you money, but it will reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

3. Use reusable grocery bags. Many grocery stores will credit you .05 or more to use a reusable bag!  You're not limited to using the ones sold in the stores either... buy SUPER TRENDY ones and they'll pay for themselves! (reusable shopping bags coming SOON to SediluGreen!)

4. Pay your bills online. This not only saves paper from checks, statements, and envelopes, but it also saves emissions from polluting the air from the postal trucks driving around!

5. Use Earth Friendly Cleaners. Believe it or not, Earth friendly does not mean "less effective".  Many times the chemicals in your cleaners are harmful not only to your health, but your pets' health as well.  Biodegradable/Earth friendly cleaners are definitely the way to go to save the earth and help your family as well!

6. Turn down the Heat/AC.  We live in the South where you can literally fry an egg on the road in the summertime.  So I understand how crazy it sounds to reduce the AC in the summer.  But, if you use your ceiling fans and some well placed fans around the house to circulate the air, you'll be surprised at how COOL your home stays with it being at 75 degrees. 

In the winter, throwing on some socks and a sweatshirt will save on heating bills.  Also, you'll have an excuse to snuggle up to your special someone on those chilly nights!  Another benefit?  Using your fireplace and drinking warm coffee or cocoa - romantic nights are inevitable!  Kids and all! 

7. Cut down on your junk mail.  Opt out of receiving junk mail offers like credit cards, etc.  I mean, who needs 10 credit card offers a week?  Know where they go?  Typically in the trash!  Save a tree, and some frustration, by opting out.  Here's where to go to do it:

8. Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Did I say recycle?  It's not as hard as you may think.  Many cities offer recycling bins that you use and they pick them up.  If your city doesn't do what we do - place strategically placed recycling trash bins around the house.  Plastics are in the kitchen. Newspapers, tin cans, aluminum cans and cardboard are in the garage (lined up against the wall right by the door from the laundry room!).  It's super easy to walk to the door, open it, and throw what you need to into the correct bin.  We take our recycling once a week to the center and drop it off!  SUPER EASY! 

A side benefit to this is this is the kids' job.  So they not only learn to take care of the earth, but they learn responsibility as well!  Excellent!

9. Reuse shipping materials. Have relatives or friends that are out of town?  Get packages every so often?  Get a box and throw your packaging materials into it and save it for those special occassions when you have to mail things!  From bubble wrap to boxes, stash them in an inconspicuous place and save them for later.  It not only saves money, but it saves headaches driving to the store.  Oh and the side benefit?  Saves the Earth!!  :)

10. Use reusable lunch baggies.  Like the ones found at  Super fun. Fashionable. And you'd be surprised at how much money you save on plastic baggies.  Families can easily go through HUNDREDS of these every month or less.  Save the earth.  Go green.  Get fashionable.  Good for ALL ages and walks of life!  Think of a design you'd like to have?  Contact us and we'll get it done for you!  OR, you can request a special design on the etsy site! 

There you have it!  10 SIMPLE ways to go green without a lot of hassle and trouble.  There are many side benefits to saving the Earth like responsbility, cost savings, and just plain old feeling good about doing something good! 

TOODLES!  Enjoy!  Live green!


What IS an EcoStuffer?

What's an EcoStuffer from SediluGreen, you might ask?

Well, let me tell you what it is!  It's a super cool, super environmentally safe, super health conscious part of your life.  It's pretty much a necessity to have SediluGreen EcoStuffers in today's society! 

Made from 100% cotton, Lead, BPA, and Phthalate free materials, this little Stuffer is going to blow you away!  Not only are they safe for FOOD storage (I've found out that some bags out there that are handmade are NOT safe!  And are NOT using FDA approved materials to be next to food!  EEEK!), but they're super fun and stylish and well made!!  With a hidden inside seam and no threads showing on your beautiful exterior (meaning no sewn in velcro and no uneven stitches!) and a stout helping of velcro across the top, your "Stuffings" are going to be safe and sound... OH, and only the best designer fabrics!! Rest assured that your EcoStuffer is going to last you a LONG time and be the talk of the town - saving both money AND the environment in one swoop!  Woah.  Who can ask for more??

Made by a perfectionist at heart, each and every bag that goes out of the studio is tested, looked over, tested again and any loose threads are snipped.  The bag is then carefully packaged and shipped to your destination, wherever that may be - the USA, UK, Canada, Guam, Bangladesh - wherever you are.  International shipping is obviously here to stay! 

Style abound is all we can say about these bags.  Quality galore is what others have said.  And this is only the beginning.  Share in the excitement as we grow the brand and grow the style. 

Have suggestions on some styles?  Feel free to contact me and let me know!  I LOVE new and fresh ideas!

New Beginnings!

It's been a long time coming.  Countless hours of sewing.  Many sleepless nights.  Too many hours researching where to sell my items, but finally - it's arrived!  I have "info-d" myself out and I'm ready to start this thing. 

Let me tell you a bit about Sedilu and where we started.  (I'll try not to get this too lengthy... I can be a wordy woman!").  It all started in 1977 when I was born... HAHA!  Just teasing.  I won't go back quite that far.

I've always had a passion for creating, although I was never one to think I was creative.  I love love love to write, spell, type... you name it.  So the creativity was there.  I just didn't know how to get it out there to the world.  Then I discovered the world of sewing and from there it's history. 

I began by making customized baby blankets and pee pee tents for people and needed a name because I wanted to sell my creations online.  I didn't want something run of the mill, and I NEED to be different.  So we combined 3 of our names to come up with SEDILU.  SE for Sean (my adorable husband), DI for Dinnetta (ME!) and LU for Lucian (me equally adorable son).  But the blankets just weren't everything that I wanted to do.  And my passion for saving things (including animals, people, whatever) turned into a passion for the Earth.  So to do our part, I researched (another one of my passions - researching!) and found that there are many items that one can sew to save the earth by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable products found in many landfills today.  Woah!  Not only can I recycle to do my part, but I can help OTHERS save the Earth too?  Excellent!  Hence, SediluGreen was born! (There are quite a many births in my life for some reason... just not all of them are children!).

I worked countless hours perfecting my products. There are quite a few "trial and errors" floating around somewhere, but finally I perfected my items.  Finally found the best way to have an aesthetically pleasing product that was both durable and functional.  My EcoStuffers (TM patent pending!!) are the best in my book (and hopefully yours too!).  With an enclosed interior seam, no "sew" thread marks on the outside, fashionable prints and extra care taken to detail, by golly I've done it!  I've made the snack bag FUN. FASHIONABLE. DURABLE. And stinkin' fun to use for EVERYONE!  Yes.  There's something for everyone in my shop. 

The EcoStuffers come in 3 different sizes.  Sammich Size (7x6.75) , Snacker Size (7x5.75) and Picker Size (7x3.75).  Although the names may change... I'm still perfecting that portion of it!

Check out some of the designs! 

I'm on right now and a FABULOUS site called but have BIG expansion plans.  Both in local shops and online shops.  I strive to be featured on blogs, giveaways, and maybe even TV one day (big plans I tell ya!). 
So please, help out the Earth and do it stylishly!  More products will be perfected in the near future like shopping bags, and other items that I just can't spill all the beans before they're grown! 

Share my excitement!  I'll be updating this blog frequently and eventually I'll have giveaways once I have readers!  I'll also be posting earth friendly ideas to help the planet survive for our children and our children's children and beyond. 

Love the Earth!  Love yourself.  Love Sedilu.  :)