Thursday, January 21, 2010

New products! I just love creating!

If life were a cartoon, I'd probably have stars in my eyes all day - with those eyes being right above the bags underneath them.  *yawn* 

BUT - I have completed about 30 new designs - not all posted on etsy just yet, but here's a preview of some!  I'm pretty excited about my new method of taking photos too... I love the carrots! 

Are you in love like me?  Yeah.  I thought so...  It's hard to resist their cuteness! 

Ok.  I'm off to bed before it gets to be 1 am and here I am... typing away... again. 



  1. I just love these. Great patterns for a great go green idea!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I cant wait until I have money to buy some. What other things do you do? Do you make storage containers for bigger stuff? Like flour? Does it keep bugs out? Even ants? How about elastic covers that could cover a dish? I am trying to think of all the things that I hate about not having ziplocs (we dont use them much bc of plastic). What about something to put frozen raw meat in?
    LOVE it!

  3. OOO! Those are some awesome ideas! I hadn't though of some of those things. I may be contacting you to get some ideas! I need to get rid of this stinky day job though first before I can get uber creative! ;)

    THANKS!! Much more to come! :)