Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recycling Tips from SediluGreen

I think I'm going into blogging overload.  For real and seriously.  Ever since I was featured on The Blessings of Modern Domestication and she mentioned my blog, I've been freaking out and blogging up a storm. I just hadn't had the time.  I know.  Slap me.  That is ABSOLUTELY no excuse and I should be tarred and feathered.  But please don't resort to that - I'll just hang my head in shame instead and beg for forgiveness!  :)   Forgiven?  YAY!  Thanks!  I knew you'd come through. 

So here it is - tip time!  On the recycling effort/theme, let's get this thing rolling along!

Check out this AMAZING post that I found and I learned a LOT from it.  Like - not all plastics are recyclable.  Woah.  I had no idea! This is from a really neat site called EARTH EASY.  Check it out for real!

Have you ever thought "Recycling just takes up too much space?  Too much time? Where would I put a recycling container in my house?  My town doesn't even pick up recycling!  Ugh.  What a hassle!!"

Let me be the first to tell you, and I admit, I was a naysayer at one time. *gasp*!  I know.  

But now that we've started the recycling effort, it's really effortless. It took a bit to get everyone in the habit of not throwing trash into the plastic recycling container, but now it's sort of like second nature and it really only took 3 weeks of training - and I have 3 boys!  Yeah.  That's exactly what I am saying... if  you can train a boy, you can train anyone to recycle! 

So here are some tips: 

  • Start small!  
    • Start with maybe just recycling paper and do that for a couple of months.  Rome wasn't built in a day after all!!
  •  Do not invest in costly dedicated recycling bins!
    • Use cheap plastic trash cans to start.  If you're concerned about how they will look sitting around, make sure they all match!  
  •  Make sure you LABEL your recycling bins in some way
    • Use a marker and a piece of paper
    • Have the KIDS help do this!  It will give them a vested interest in recycling since they helped do something with it!
  • Make weekly trips to the recycling center if your town/city does not do a pick up
    • Our city does not pick up our recycling, so I make sure that I drive by the recycling center at least 3 times a week - not just to drop off, but to ensure that I remember to bring it the next time!  
    • If it's super out of your way, make the trip less often, OR - make it a family trip and have the kiddos help you out!
Recycle on my friends!!

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  1. It is, indeed, a pleasure when another blogger mentions you in their post. It's a way of learning for you, for her and your readers. :) Well, it is true that you should start small when it comes to recycling. You can't expect to recycle big time right from the get go. I hope you'll be busy blogging too. :)

    [Jeleryl Comisky]