Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Work harder, faster, and more efficient... read on!!

I was introduced to a product line by my friend Sudie (an amazing woman... I'm lucky to know her and her husband - seriously!!) and I was skeptical at first.  Just like EVERY product on the market, I was like "whatever.  This isn't going to do anything different for me..." and then one night I was falling asleep at the sewing machine.  I mean, I was TIRED but had to get my products out... SO I thought of the samples Susan (aka Sudie).  I figured "what do I have to lose?? I'm already exhausted..."

I took the little packets of powder that she gave me and mixed it with the 8 ounces of water suggested and chugged the concoction.  Within minutes I felt AMAZING.  I was able to focus on my tasks.  I was able to stay up for a few extra hours and get MORE DONE than I had during the day, and this was at 11 PM!  I woke up the next day with no problems and still felt great.  This was an energy drink that I had NEVER experienced before. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm AGAINST energy drinks.  I hate them.  HATE THEM.  I always feel cruddy after the "crash".  So just to make sure, I drank another Spark the next day during the day.  I felt amazing again.  No crash.  Say what?!!  No crash!

What I'm referring to is a product by ADVOCARE and it's called SPARK.  Seriously.  If you haven't tried it... TRY IT.  TRY IT NOW!  It's not available in stores, but I know where to get it.  OMG...

Endorsed by Saints Quarterback (non paid endorser!!)

They have other nutritional products as well. It's a well founded company with scientists that research this stuff.  Weight loss products?  They have them!  Energy drinks?  Got 'em!  Appetite suppresents and metabolism boosters?  Check and double check! 

Contact me if you're ready to feel amazing and get more done with more focus!

Something new up my sleeve....

I've been thinking of what I can do to take my bags to the next level.  I already have a pretty good process in production.  Everything is very well made and the attention to detail is impeccable.  I think that the designs are trendy and up to date (WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Suggestions and comments WELCOME!) and I have something for pretty much everyone. 

But is what I make enough??  In my opinion, NO.  I always need to be thinking of the next best thing, so I have come up with an even better design.  Now, to get it into play... It will take a couple of weeks, but... I think that I can come up with something that will be innovative and shocking!  Ok ok ok, so maybe not SHOCKING, but... pretty damn neat! 

I'm sending some samples out to some websites within the next couple of weeks as well. Busy busy!  On the road to getting SediluGreen mainstream!  Lots to learn.  Lots to overcome.  Lots to do.  But -

WELL FRIGGEN WORTH IT!  Every agonizing moment... HA! 

Enjoy and stay tuned!  I'll be hopefully getting the blog up to a point where I'm posting Tutorials and such so it's going to be a process, but... Hey.  Again - worth it! 

What am I doing up at 12:24 am you may ask?  (or not, but hey... segway!  LOL). 

I'll post about it in a bit.  Pretty darn amazing product I found!  Works like a charm and it's legal.  LOL!! 



Much more listed! After Christmas!

I've been working hard this week... Got some orders out.  Which was exciting.  Got Christmas out of the way - that was the most exciting of all.  It's amazing how Christmas was so exciting as a child and how stressful it can be as an adult... I continue to think that "this year is going to be different.  I'm NOT going to let it give me acid reflux.  I refuse!" and yet... it happens.  Oh well.  Life goes on!  Maybe next year!  HA!

So!  With that said, I've been working hard to get new designs created and listed and with much success!  I sewed and sewed today (on my ONLY day off from my day job *sigh*) and got quite much accomplished.  Check out some of the new things I listed in my shop!   Something for everyone!  As always, I have them listed in groups of 3, then each size separately. 

REMEMBER -  you can get matching napkins as well!

Monday, December 7, 2009

*yawn* This is tough....

Just a word of warning to anyone that is faint of heart.  It takes a LONG time and a lot of long hours setting up shop with your own items.  The main goal is to get everything set up so that you don't have to continually break your neck trying to keep up. 

I have learned however, that you must update your store pretty often to keep people coming back and interested.  If someone finds something interesting, they'll tell someone and they'll come back.  That's the goal! 

I'm totally tired and I think that I may fall asleep... right now.  Seriously.  *yawn*


PS - on the upside I listed more items both on etsy AND on!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Designs are done and ready to roll!!

It's been a long time coming... but I finally got my new products ready to roll out.  Not all of them of course, but I have been working my fingers to the bone (ok, not really but dang it sounded good).  Between going to work 8 zillion hours a week and doing this stuff... I'm plum wore OUT.  It's tough working outside the home and trying to start a home business but in the end... it's going to be worth it.  (I hope).  I read on the "Quit your day job" series on etsy today on a very talented young lady who runs and she said, "There’s an old joke about how you only have to work half days when you’re self-employed, and you even get to choose which 12 hours you work".  I couldn't have said it better and I'm not even in that position yet!

So here are a couple of sneak peeks.  I took pictures today before work and then edited them throughout the day... To get them just right (which didn't really happen, but hey... I tried). I have off of work tomorrow and I have a lot of shipping to do but hopefully I'll be able to list everything.  I may get these done tonight, but hey... it's all in the air...

Check it out!  I added NAPKINS!!  OMG!  I'm stoked about that for some reason.  I mean like totally friggen excited....

Check it out!  I'll have napkins to coordinate ALL (well, most at least!) of the EcoStuffers!! 


NAPKINS! Notice the BOY designs too!!

Some NEW EcoStuffers (just some, not all)!

Hope you like 'em!  Now get to shoppin!

See ya!

Friday, December 4, 2009

They have arrived!!

FINALLY.  The labels have arrived.  Again.  Finally finally finally!  Now I can get cracking on finishing up some new designs and adding my MUCH anticipated REUSABLE NAPKINS!  Seriously.  I'm stoked about these.  I have so many of them sitting on my recently neglected sewing table just waiting to be used.  But alas, I was crazy and didn't order them in time. 

OH, but what I did do today, after drinking an ADVOCARE SPARK (seriously I'll be posting about this company shortly.  It's stinkin' amazing... and the products are just as fabulous! I don't put things into my body often, but this stuff is right on the mark... AWESOME) I realized that I needed to put my product NAME on there and not just the company name.  Yeah... duh, right?  I have a few of those duh moments a day... Don't we all??  Please just smile and nod even if you don't... k? 

Anyway... so now I have my "old" design with just SediluGreen on them, and the new ones coming.  I'm pretty excited! 

I'll be submitting my products to a huge product retailer online and HOPE and PRAY that they get picked up.  They should because I spend a lot of time and put a lot of attention to detail in my products.  Everything that I make gets the same attention to detail because I need to to be perfect or as near to perfect as I can get them! 

Pretty exciting stuff going on around this place! 

If you know of any friends to follow - please pass on!  I'll be adding more "usable" content to my blog one of these days.  hehe  I just need to get on the up and coming list.  LOL

So be on the lookout for some new designs!  YAY!! 

See ya!

Dinnetta (SediluGreen)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have seriously been in SHOCK for the past nearly week that I got so much fabric for such good deals on Black Friday.  Sure, maybe I could have stood in line at Best Buy for some cheap electronics, but why?  When I can buy fabric.  Lots and lots of fabric...

I honestly bought about 11 bolts of fabric.  OMG.  Yes my dears!  11 BOLTS!  I am glad that I did because I needed (yes needed desperately) some BOY designs.  I didn't have many and now I will!

I was trying to get on a website to get some photos but the site is down for some reason.  So, I guess it will have to wait.  But I got some GREAT skulls, some cute dinosaurs that my son felt "really good" about and some trucks fabric that I got.  My step-daughter felt awesome about some flannel camo lizards that I got (boyish, but she loved it!)... so I'm pretty excited about some of the new designs coming!

Now, if I could only get my labels in... I won't let THAT happen again!

So make sure you follow me to sign up for some GREAT giveaways soon!!


Labels! Come on!

During this whole process of the start-up, I've learned a few things.  Quite a few things!  And being prepared and keeping GOOD accurate records (accurate is a good key!) of what you have in stock is so important.  I ran out of labels for my baggies and dang it if I am at a standstill.  I have a BILLION of the baggies AND reusable MATCHING napkins (oh yeah, they're sweet!!) just ready for labels and guess what?  I don't have any stinkin labels.  I thought they'd be here Monday.  Nothing in the mail.  I thought maybe, just maybe they'd be here Tuesday.  Ummm nope.  It's Wednesday and nothing.  So... I'm at a standstill.

So in my adventure I'll of course keep sharing my mistakes with you so that in case you're in the same position, (starting a start-up business!) you can avoid these mistakes.  I'm all about rescuing - I'm a rescuer by nature.  People.  Things.  Animals. Planets.  I rescue.  It's what I do!

So, make sure that you're ALWAYS in stock of materials for your craft business.  It's crucial.  Otherwise, you're going to be disappointed when you run out of things and can't move forward!

So now my new products will have to just wait to show their lovely faces... *sigh*  But it builds excitement, eh?!!  :)

Until next time.... Toodles!