Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dreaming of Financial Freedom...

Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of financial freedom.  I have dreamed that I could not work and have residual income.  Residual income.  The American dream.  It's a far cry from the American dream of the past.  Where one worked a job from 9-5 and made a decent wage to support one's family.  With the invention of computers and technology wow.  How far we've come.

Here's where reality sets in.  I do love my day job.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do.  I love it and can't express that enough. I love the company I work for.  The people are amazing.  Fun.  Funny.  Open. 

But that doesn't mean that I still don't have a dream in my mind.  A person can dream right?  Oh yeah.  We sure can.  But that does not mean that one just quits their job to follow a dream.  We have families to support.  We have others that count on us at reputable companies.

So what is this post about?  It's about reality.  The reality is that we can dream.  We can have those dreams and we can follow them to an extent.  But economic realities and other realities need to set us all back to Earth.  Is it possible to make a residual income enough to support our families?  Sure.  It's possible.  But let's face it - a small portion of the population actually succeeds.  And is it really residual income?  Hmmmm... more than likely not.  It may be residual at first, but then... at some point.... one must work hard, harder in most cases, to ensure that the income keeps coming!  Self employment is a dream for many - most probably - but it's possible to have an EXTRA income that comes in addition to the day job. 

That's a practical dream.  Additional income.  Nice. 

I'm by nature an entrepreneur.  I've ALWAYS had an extra income going.  For as long as I can remember I've always sold on eBay or started a line of crafts or something. 

So what I am saying is that there is always a possibility to support your family with an extra income.  But unless you have a huge savings (8-12 months worth of expenses) it's not practical to just give up your steady eddie income.  Reality is there and I'm the most optimistic person that you will meet.  But also very realistic.  The day job pays my bills.  Ensures that there is food on the table.  Ensures that we have reliable vehicles.  The additional income ensures that we have clothing.  And the extras that we may want in life (you know, like bikes, Christmas Presents, etc).  Use that money wisely and ye shall go far!

Love what you do during the day.  Dream at night.  Work hard to achieve your dreams.  Work harder to make your love a reality and stay grounded.  Hard work and dedication is what will take you far.

I give KUDOS to those that have made a living being able to stay at home and support their families!  You are amazing men and women and I give EXTRA props to those women who have done it.  I know what it's like to work 2-3 jobs at once to give myself and my family a better life.  I do it daily on top of being a wife and mother.  Whew.  That's a hard job, but the strength and perserverence of the women in this world make it all possible....

Love you all.  Make sure you stay focused.  Grounded.  And real. 

Peace out for now lovies!

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