Saturday, May 1, 2010

I got it! Personality that is!

I'm brimming over with personality.  Too much personality some may say.  I cuss sometimes.  OMG!  Yeah.  I get told about it ALL the time by my 6 year old - Lucian.  

"Mommy, we don't say that word!!"  

"What word baby? I didn't think that I said anything bad!!"

"Ass Mommy.  Ass.  We don't say Ass."

"Ok Lucian.  I get the point.  We don't say ass.  Stop saying it for crying out loud!!"

"OOOH!!  you said it again!"


So I have decided to start another blog that is connected to this one. But sort of gives you an idea of what SediluGreen is all about - sort of the chaos behind the scenes so to speak!  Stories of embarrassment I'm sure, family, love, luck, and plain old fashioned hard work.  Tips on business.  Tips on home biz and starting it without ruining your life. 

Probably more stories of embarrassment more than anything.  *sigh*  That happens a lot. 

Like yesterday while I was at work I realized that my zipper had been down on my dress pants for about 2 hours.  Yeah.  I sell new homes.  Yeah.  Imagine where this is going.... 

Or that the other night I was getting ready to go to bed and I had on some shorts (probably shorter than they should be but I was in my HOUSE for crying out loud!).  I'm bending over picking pillows up off the floor and I hear a tap on the door.  I ignore it thinking it's a bug.  I keep doing what I'm doing.  Buttcheeks ALL over the place I'm sure.  I hear it again and turn around.  

What do I see?  Half of my stepson's high school baseball team standing outside on the porch.  Watching me in my shorty shorts picking up pillows and shoes and the like off the floor. 

Did I mention that our front door is glass??  Oh boy.  Fricken UNBELIEVABLE.

*sigh*  I'm now a "hot mom".  Someone help me. 

So within the next few weeks I'm going to put aside some time (LMAO!  Time?  What on Earth is that?) and make another blog.  It will be a friendly place for moms to come and learn about well...  Life!  Us.  And what makes us tick.  Oh, and we have some KICK ASS lunch bags too. 

I'm just sayin... 

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