Saturday, May 1, 2010

The price of perfection... Moral of the story is...

Have you ever tried to be perfect?  Tried to be like the lady across the street who is ALWAYS baking?  Playing outside with her grand daughter?  Taking her kids to the movies?  Planting things in her garden seemingly all day without ever getting sunburned under her floppy hat drinking hand squeezed lemonade?

I have tried people.  Oh I have tried!  It's a facade.  A cleverly planned facade that only the outside world sees.  Of course when you step into my house with my wood floors that are cleaned quarterly (not bi-weekly as suggested) and see my pile of "to file/throw away/burn" crap next to the breakfast table.  Walk into my laundry room with a neatly folded pile of laundry that has been there for 3 days... oh the list goes on people.  GOES ON!

But here's how my life typically goes.  

Go into Taylor's room at 6:34.  Tell him to get up.  Get grunted at.  OOOOOK. 
Go into Lucian's room at 6:35.  Have to tickle, sing, jump on the bed (mommy quake)... and so forth for 10 minutes only to get grunted at... repeatedly.
Slug into the kitchen to make everyone breakfast - or shall I say "breafastS"
Fight with Lucian to get to the table. Patiently.
Ensure that Taylor has his homework done (it's not).
Lose patience with Lucian and threaten him (at least twice). 
Yell at Lucian to get his clothes on.
Run him out to the bus. 

Collapse on the couch for 10 seconds, which is about how much time I have until the next task starts. 

Work on SediluGreen for 1.15 hours.  

Rush to get in the shower to rush to my day job.  

Get to day job late.  

 Realize that you work too much at day job (6 days a week +)

Get depressed. 

Have customer walk into the model home at 4:55 (I have to leave EXACTLY at 5 to get Lucian in time from after school care). 

Get to after school care late. 

Pay late fees.

Go home and do all household wifely things.  
Get to bed about 2 am.

Repeat.  Daily.  Except Saturday and Sunday - but just cut out the school part... 

Somehow that doesn't fit the perception of perfection now does it?  Hmmm... Uhhh... No.

So I picture the lady across the street.  I imagine she's taking some sort of valium or other wonder drug that she has been prescribed by her doctor who has determined she's out of her fricken mind and she needs to be medicated.  Heavily.  I wonder if she works?  Probably only so she can have the insurance to pay for her wonder drugs.  Then.  I want wonder drugs.  Of course I'd probably take too many of the wonder drugs and sleep right through breakfast.  The bus fight.  Work. 

Hmmm... sounds pretty good actually... 

Then I realize.  My life is pretty charmed.  So what if I'm not perfect?  So what if my pants have a wrinkle in them or a button is missing?  So what if my floors need cleaned?  So what if the cats tried to kill the hermit crabs (again)?  So what if Lucian's room isn't perfect?  

Life isn't perfect!  

So the moral of the story is... take it day by day and you'll realize that you don't have it as bad as you think.  And if you think perfection is having a perfect house with a perfect lawn... you're sadly mistaken.  

Oh and by the way - the lady across the street?  I talked to her.  She's HEAVILY medicated for severe anxiety/depression.  Can't work.  Husband - that's a whole other story.  Woah.  Perfection isn't what it seems now is it??!!

Anyone else tried to be perfect and didn't too well at it? Tell me about it!   Then tell me about why your life IS perfect!!  

Why is mine perfect?  I am healthy.  I have a good paying job.  I am smart.  My family loves me UNCONDITIONALLY!!  I am therapeutic to not only my family, but my friends.  Girls night out.  Bunco.  Family that loves me (that's a SUPER important one).  Talent.  Beautiful home... And the list goes on and on. 

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