Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have seriously been in SHOCK for the past nearly week that I got so much fabric for such good deals on Black Friday.  Sure, maybe I could have stood in line at Best Buy for some cheap electronics, but why?  When I can buy fabric.  Lots and lots of fabric...

I honestly bought about 11 bolts of fabric.  OMG.  Yes my dears!  11 BOLTS!  I am glad that I did because I needed (yes needed desperately) some BOY designs.  I didn't have many and now I will!

I was trying to get on a website to get some photos but the site is down for some reason.  So, I guess it will have to wait.  But I got some GREAT skulls, some cute dinosaurs that my son felt "really good" about and some trucks fabric that I got.  My step-daughter felt awesome about some flannel camo lizards that I got (boyish, but she loved it!)... so I'm pretty excited about some of the new designs coming!

Now, if I could only get my labels in... I won't let THAT happen again!

So make sure you follow me to sign up for some GREAT giveaways soon!!


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