Friday, December 4, 2009

They have arrived!!

FINALLY.  The labels have arrived.  Again.  Finally finally finally!  Now I can get cracking on finishing up some new designs and adding my MUCH anticipated REUSABLE NAPKINS!  Seriously.  I'm stoked about these.  I have so many of them sitting on my recently neglected sewing table just waiting to be used.  But alas, I was crazy and didn't order them in time. 

OH, but what I did do today, after drinking an ADVOCARE SPARK (seriously I'll be posting about this company shortly.  It's stinkin' amazing... and the products are just as fabulous! I don't put things into my body often, but this stuff is right on the mark... AWESOME) I realized that I needed to put my product NAME on there and not just the company name.  Yeah... duh, right?  I have a few of those duh moments a day... Don't we all??  Please just smile and nod even if you don't... k? 

Anyway... so now I have my "old" design with just SediluGreen on them, and the new ones coming.  I'm pretty excited! 

I'll be submitting my products to a huge product retailer online and HOPE and PRAY that they get picked up.  They should because I spend a lot of time and put a lot of attention to detail in my products.  Everything that I make gets the same attention to detail because I need to to be perfect or as near to perfect as I can get them! 

Pretty exciting stuff going on around this place! 

If you know of any friends to follow - please pass on!  I'll be adding more "usable" content to my blog one of these days.  hehe  I just need to get on the up and coming list.  LOL

So be on the lookout for some new designs!  YAY!! 

See ya!

Dinnetta (SediluGreen)


  1. Hey Dinetta! Love your blog! Had to check it out from the fabric coop emails...can I ask, where did you have your labels made? I want to get some side tags for some of my things (I also do reusable snack bags on my Etsy shop) and have been debating where to get them from. Thanks!!

  2. I get them from an amazing lady on etsy named "mommiemadeit". Check her out! LOVE HER!! Great service!