Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Fabrics - Coming soon!

I am one that loves surprises.  And suspense.  I love suspenseful movies that make me jump out of my skin.  I love mystery novels so much that I can't wait to get to the end (when I have time to actually sit down and ENJOY reading of course!)  I love to work on projects just to see how they'll turn out... I love suspense. 

So, my friends, I'm just going to say - there are new fabrics coming.  OMG!  Yes.  I said it.  New fabrics.  For who though?  Kids?  Moms?  Dads?  Teens?  TWEENS?!!  I can't stand it! 

I'll reveal some new designs in like - well - I can't tell you!  I'm horrible I know..

So as a sneak peek, I'll give you 2... But only TWO!  (I'm totally excited)...

What do you think??  I, personally, am completely excited.  These are going to be AWESOME!  EEE!



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