Friday, November 20, 2009

New Beginnings!

It's been a long time coming.  Countless hours of sewing.  Many sleepless nights.  Too many hours researching where to sell my items, but finally - it's arrived!  I have "info-d" myself out and I'm ready to start this thing. 

Let me tell you a bit about Sedilu and where we started.  (I'll try not to get this too lengthy... I can be a wordy woman!").  It all started in 1977 when I was born... HAHA!  Just teasing.  I won't go back quite that far.

I've always had a passion for creating, although I was never one to think I was creative.  I love love love to write, spell, type... you name it.  So the creativity was there.  I just didn't know how to get it out there to the world.  Then I discovered the world of sewing and from there it's history. 

I began by making customized baby blankets and pee pee tents for people and needed a name because I wanted to sell my creations online.  I didn't want something run of the mill, and I NEED to be different.  So we combined 3 of our names to come up with SEDILU.  SE for Sean (my adorable husband), DI for Dinnetta (ME!) and LU for Lucian (me equally adorable son).  But the blankets just weren't everything that I wanted to do.  And my passion for saving things (including animals, people, whatever) turned into a passion for the Earth.  So to do our part, I researched (another one of my passions - researching!) and found that there are many items that one can sew to save the earth by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable products found in many landfills today.  Woah!  Not only can I recycle to do my part, but I can help OTHERS save the Earth too?  Excellent!  Hence, SediluGreen was born! (There are quite a many births in my life for some reason... just not all of them are children!).

I worked countless hours perfecting my products. There are quite a few "trial and errors" floating around somewhere, but finally I perfected my items.  Finally found the best way to have an aesthetically pleasing product that was both durable and functional.  My EcoStuffers (TM patent pending!!) are the best in my book (and hopefully yours too!).  With an enclosed interior seam, no "sew" thread marks on the outside, fashionable prints and extra care taken to detail, by golly I've done it!  I've made the snack bag FUN. FASHIONABLE. DURABLE. And stinkin' fun to use for EVERYONE!  Yes.  There's something for everyone in my shop. 

The EcoStuffers come in 3 different sizes.  Sammich Size (7x6.75) , Snacker Size (7x5.75) and Picker Size (7x3.75).  Although the names may change... I'm still perfecting that portion of it!

Check out some of the designs! 

I'm on right now and a FABULOUS site called but have BIG expansion plans.  Both in local shops and online shops.  I strive to be featured on blogs, giveaways, and maybe even TV one day (big plans I tell ya!). 
So please, help out the Earth and do it stylishly!  More products will be perfected in the near future like shopping bags, and other items that I just can't spill all the beans before they're grown! 

Share my excitement!  I'll be updating this blog frequently and eventually I'll have giveaways once I have readers!  I'll also be posting earth friendly ideas to help the planet survive for our children and our children's children and beyond. 

Love the Earth!  Love yourself.  Love Sedilu.  :)

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