Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Much more listed! After Christmas!

I've been working hard this week... Got some orders out.  Which was exciting.  Got Christmas out of the way - that was the most exciting of all.  It's amazing how Christmas was so exciting as a child and how stressful it can be as an adult... I continue to think that "this year is going to be different.  I'm NOT going to let it give me acid reflux.  I refuse!" and yet... it happens.  Oh well.  Life goes on!  Maybe next year!  HA!

So!  With that said, I've been working hard to get new designs created and listed and with much success!  I sewed and sewed today (on my ONLY day off from my day job *sigh*) and got quite much accomplished.  Check out some of the new things I listed in my shop!   Something for everyone!  As always, I have them listed in groups of 3, then each size separately. 

REMEMBER -  you can get matching napkins as well!

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