Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Something new up my sleeve....

I've been thinking of what I can do to take my bags to the next level.  I already have a pretty good process in production.  Everything is very well made and the attention to detail is impeccable.  I think that the designs are trendy and up to date (WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Suggestions and comments WELCOME!) and I have something for pretty much everyone. 

But is what I make enough??  In my opinion, NO.  I always need to be thinking of the next best thing, so I have come up with an even better design.  Now, to get it into play... It will take a couple of weeks, but... I think that I can come up with something that will be innovative and shocking!  Ok ok ok, so maybe not SHOCKING, but... pretty damn neat! 

I'm sending some samples out to some websites within the next couple of weeks as well. Busy busy!  On the road to getting SediluGreen mainstream!  Lots to learn.  Lots to overcome.  Lots to do.  But -

WELL FRIGGEN WORTH IT!  Every agonizing moment... HA! 

Enjoy and stay tuned!  I'll be hopefully getting the blog up to a point where I'm posting Tutorials and such so it's going to be a process, but... Hey.  Again - worth it! 

What am I doing up at 12:24 am you may ask?  (or not, but hey... segway!  LOL). 

I'll post about it in a bit.  Pretty darn amazing product I found!  Works like a charm and it's legal.  LOL!! 



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