Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day in the life of an overworked perfectionist.

Create.  Sleep.  Work at full time job.  Create.  Oh yeah, fit time in with family.  Create.  Eat (too much lately apparently).  Gain 7 pounds (how? I'm blaming chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream at midnight...).  Stay up until 1:20 am.  Get up at 6:30.  Get boys ready for school.  Create.  Drink Spark.  Go to day job to make my good full time income.  Think about creating.  Eat.  All day... Take photos of new products. Gripe out working during the day but learn to love it.  I think that it's common to gripe about a job in one breath and then say "oh yeah.  This is what we DO!  Career.  Career is good...


That's my life.  Albeit a busy one, I have to realize that I am only ONE person.  I need help!  I need to hire someone to do my marketing for me.  I need to get a website... functioning.  I need to go grocery shopping - all at ONCE... not this 456 time each week bullcrap that I've been doing since I started this "exciting opportunistic job" that I took last year. And it IS a great opportunity.  Don't get me wrong.  But the hours.  Whew the hours.  We take for granted 2 days off a week to actually get things done around the house.  Can't tell you the last time I clean the spare bathroom toilet.  Ew. I know.  I think that the only thing that has really pushed me to do something with my business and start creating and sewing, and really getting this thing to take off - however - the career puts a damper on things.  The hours are just long.  Long hours at a day job career can burn a person out.  6 days a week?  Shew.  I barely have time to have a family life... But it's the price we must pay to stay living a good lifestyle!

So, the admission of "I need help" is the first step in my relinquishment of control.  *gulp*  Control.  Something that I need.  Something that I am used to. Something that I need to give up if I'm to GO ANYWHERE with my business.  I'm one person.  I can't do it all (can I?).  *shaking head*  No no no. I can't (can I?).  GRRR!  Yes.  I have arguments with myself.  Fault?  Perhaps.  Perhaps it's just a part of my charm.  *bling* 

So here's where I am and what I have done in the past 2 weeks. 

1.  I have contacted several online stores that are interested in my products!  YAY!  Downside?  I wasn't prepared.  *sigh*  I didn't have a line sheet.  I didn't have a brochure.  I didn't have products.  I didn't have PACKAGING for my products (pretty stinkin' important if you ask me).

2.  Got my packaging figured out (yay!).  Could have used help on this, but hey... control freak/perfectionist alert. 

3.  Got my brochure finalized.  Could have hired someone to do this, and probably still will have someone revamp it.... but it works. 

4.  Created a total of 30 new designs.  I know!  AWESOME!

5.  Spent WAYYY too many hours on the computer.  Got a few backaches.  Cussed a lot.

6.  Had 15 conversations with my boys on how NOT to pee all over the sides/back/front/seat of the toilet.  Yeah.  15 is a CONSERVATIVE number... Make no mistake... it will happen again...

So all in all it was a productive two weeks.  Even the cussing was productive.  Really cleansed the soul.  So I'm overworked.  My wise words of today (even though I gave some already) would be to GET HELP and relinquish the control button... it's ok.  Hand it over...

Nite nite.  Gotta post some EARTH FRIENDLY stuff now!  My fave!!

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