Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh so tired!

I have been working my tail off lately.  So sleepy most of the time.  The only thing that has really been helping me through this is Advocare's Spark.  That stuff is fantastic and it's been one of the sole reasons that I've been able to stay up and work my fingers to the bone.  Oh the life of a wannabe work at home mom....

So, I have been doing my research and and contacting several websites that would benefit from my products.  And, wonderfully, I have some bites!  So I have been putting my creative juices to the test and came up with my own brochures, order form, signed up for an efax number today (with - AWESOME PRODUCT!), and got my line sheet together.  It's been  a busy week.  That's for sure! I also went to office depot to put my information into in a nice little presentation folder that holds everything.  I'm sure that the presentation folder is overkill, but hey - better to be as professional as possible and maybe overdo it a little bit rather than be "underwhelming".  One thing that I've learned in this adventure is that it's adventageous to stand out from the crowd.  (Wise words of the day... - STAND OUT!).

I purchased the line sheet from  Good stuff.  Great content and Justine is seriously a sweetypoof.  Really helpful.  Knowledgable. Inspirational.  Hey, if she can do this business thing, so can I.  So can you!  Just gotta put your mind to it.  Mompreneurs, unite! 

So if you need a line sheet or some advice on etsy, etc.  Head over to her blog and check it out.  I'm REALLY glad that I did! 

So, now off to tap out some more blog posts, post some photos of new products and I'm going to bed tonight WAYYYY before my typical bedtime of 2 am.  *yawn*  THANK MY LUCKY STARS....

I was sort of missing cuddling with my amazing hubby!! 

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